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  • Published on:  Friday, February 22, 2019
  • TRAPPIN IN BRASIL 2Baile phonk and experimental bass mixTRACKLIST-----------------------0:00 motherboaard - Spinning2:34 $ir.Eduu - Senta Firme5:20 Rinse Cycle - PARK IT LIKE ITS HOT7:48 jaca - Unreal Baile 10:31 sayso ft PUAR - Rollin'12:00 Yvng Tavo - KING14:51 motherboaard - leche17:07 overslept - white prosche19:13 BennySquared - Biggest Shit21:15 jaca - Vai Sentar w/ Grindalf22:36 Gabrisko - Peita Pra Tu Ver24:35 BennySquared - time to get sober27:30 District 6 - Bodega Bebeto30:13 PUAR - Tropical Sprite31:49 Liddicat - nao tem nada nao33:35 Rinse Cycle - SHIMMY AY35:28 internet goth User- -___-37:37 KA$TRO - Weep40:46 DECAP - BRAZIL w/ DJ Damianito42:50 Polo Pan - Nana (slowed)-------------------------Simpsons image credit - Leif-J #BAILEPHONK #BRASIL▶▶Community: ---t-shirts: :▶▶Images: out the 24/7 Live Stream !▶▶Bother me on social media things ▶▶ ryancelsius


  • Bad Cosmonaut  5 months ago

    "Who is that man?" she asked, no longer certain of her tenuous grasp on reality."Him?" her friend replied. The astonishment on his face was not hidden. "The man who single-handedly brought cataclysmic phonk to the people? That's Ryan goddamned motherfucking Celsius."

  • Cang Looo  a months ago

    Do you know what is the song that starts at zero?

  • King David  4 months ago

    All hail celcius

  • SPIRΛ  5 months ago

    É hoje que minha sanidade será salva!!!FINALMENTE TRAP IN BRAZIL II

  • Filipe Passos  4 months ago

    where'd you find this son ? 🇧🇷

  • Filipe Passos  4 months ago

    God blesssss

  • SanInPlay  5 months ago

    Ó nóis aqui de novo! Brasil 🇧🇷👊

  • Filipe Passos  4 months ago


  • San delizioso

  • Thais H  5 months ago

    caralho ficou mt foda!!!!!BRAZIL 💕

  • Felipe Vieira  4 months ago

    Quem é do Brasil só vamo

  • Bigd6253  5 months ago

    This is a good birthday. Wake up roommate hands me a blunt and TRAPPIN IN BRAZIL? Good start if you ask me.

  • AncientHeroes  4 months ago

    Happy birthday maaaaaa maaann :)

  • Elemental Systems  4 months ago

    Happy birthday 🎉

  • "Foi meu piru que comeu tua xereca" Isso que é música.

  • Raphael Índigo  4 months ago



  • ACE0110  5 months ago

    Definitely saving this for the blunt tonight

  • Mila Gomez  5 months ago

    ♡.♡ Seguire amando este canal por el resto de mis dias