How I Buy the BEST Salvage Cars for CHEAP!

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
  • Check Out Copart: Broker of Choice: [email protected]: video is sponsored by Copart. I am not a Copart employee, so this advice is based on my own experience. You should contact Copart before making any purchase if you have any questions.


  • Ashish Patel  1 years ago

    Audi r8 - Ex girlfriend special ;)

  • Jeb Bush  1 years ago

    God bless those ex-gfs for making a car like an R8 $100K cheaper with minimal damage

  • Patrick .James  1 years ago

    Great video from the Hamburglar.

  • Blackmigo Kiro  9 months ago


  • Kangol Yeahh  1 years ago


  • Austin A  1 years ago

    Lesson of the day: never date a bipolar gold digger

  • Steve S  1 years ago

    hah...exactly what i thought...psycho ex-gf.

  • Jeb Bush  1 years ago

    But I gotta love them for making a great R8 $100K cheaper with small negligible damage, needs to be more of them

  • Fillup412  1 years ago

    I laughed when I got an ad in this vid from dominos haha ironic

  • LegitStreetCars  1 years ago

    After watching this searching for a car is easier than finding a black & white striped shirt. Thanks Sam!!

  • Elizabeth Smith  1 years ago

    I thought he was in prison for his crimes. Guess he goes free and keeps making good videos.

  • Geoff Gyro  1 years ago

    He should wear a Dominoes Pizza uniform. LOL

  • Samcrac  1 years ago

    Hope this helps you guys that have been asking exactly how I decide on a car I'm interested in. As always let me know if you have any questions about this process! Oh, and I just won another car at Copart today....

  • Adan Husane  4 months ago

    Why do some cars done have no estimated retail value ??

  • Adam N  5 months ago

    How much does a broker cost?

  • QQTrick1QQ  1 years ago

    Could it be a recovered theft, is it stated anywhere if so? With vandalism it's possible nasty additives could of been added to the fluids.

  • Ilikeboost  1 years ago

    QQTrick1QQ it usually is stated.

  • AlmightyYogurt  1 years ago

    gotta find myself a nice "pizza car" off Copart!

  • goonzquad  1 years ago

    Samcrac Vs Goonzquad??? Tortoise Vs Hare!!!

  • GSHeverything _27  10 months ago

    Chris Roseberry we all copy one and another some way some how

  • Chris Roseberry  1 years ago

    I like how you guys are just now trying to make your thumbnail photos just like Sams...

  • Ricky Dee  1 years ago

    Nice shirt, you selling onions in France?