RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days. There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I'm at a loss for words. We wanted to let you know what happened and to celebrate her life. Diamond was always smiling and she will forever be in my heart and Nathan's heart.Diamond is forever. 🐶💎MUSIC: ► Unknown Brain ► Perfect 10 (feat. Heather Sommer) - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)


  • Lilly  16 days ago

    all of the people saying “it’s just a dog”, you’ve probably never had one

  • Oscar Perez  4 hours ago


  • Clayton Jacobs  4 days ago

    Y’all have all my support you deserve the bestR.I.P Diamond 💎 We will all miss you You will forever be in our prayers and hearts

  • Rayos Muniz  4 days ago

    Diamond is in puppy heaven.So sorry Jeffree & Nate.

  • Lps Isabel  3 days ago

    I'm gonna cry right now oh my fucking lord.... I wanna go over there and say it's gonna be alright 😭😭❤❤ Edit: I'm actually crying because this reminded me of the loss of my cat. He was always with me even before I was born. 😭😭❤❤

  • Liv Hdhdhdh  14 hours ago

    Lps Isabel Same

  • Stacy Mitchel  yesterday

    Lps Isabel same😫😪💔

  • Love you diamond you were a legendFor the people who disliked this HAVE NO HEART!!

  • gamer person  9 hours ago

    @queen bitch probably was those fans; R. I. P. diamond we will always miss you😣😣❤️❤️😔😔❤️❤️

  • queen bitch  yesterday

    Well said, I think it's been them James Charles fans!

  • Emma Cole  16 days ago

    You should release a pallet in the shape of a diamond for her as a memory , But have the funds go to a charity for dogs. It would be fitting for it to be a charity to help puppy mill puppies be saved since you saved Diamond from one of them 💗🐶

  • And I Oop-  an hour ago

    Emma Cole That's a great idea.. He needs to see this!!🖒🖒

  • Susan Hancock  4 hours ago

    All this!! Yes!!!! ❤️💍❤️

  • Umbrella Academy  4 days ago

    I am crying because my dog is 7 years old and she has health problems and she is the only best friend I have

  • luisdmatas  3 hours ago

    my dog is like 11 and he refuse to die

  • You looked after her well to reach nine years old with her health problems. RIP Diamond

  • I started crying when u were talking bc u sounded sooooooo sad and that made me cry bc i HATE to see people cry

  • Coudge b  4 days ago

    Jeffree, Nate & furry kids I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your sweet loving memories of Diamond will help carry you through this sad time. My heart is heavy for all of you. But its so nice you all have each other to lean on. Take care ❤