I Was Able To Make It!!! The Marines!

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
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  • Linda Peterson
    Linda Peterson  6 months ago +1003

    The fact that you went and tried to see the guy's is everything Matt! You are a man among men! 💙💜💙

  • leonel rosales
    leonel rosales  6 months ago +850

    Glad you made it to my graduation! I was one of the guys you met at the airport. All of us made it and our platoon was 2143/GOLF company.

  • Pbounds
    Pbounds  6 months ago +140

    0:20 classic Texan calls a tiny hill a mountain lmao

  • Phillip Baldwin
    Phillip Baldwin  6 months ago +43

    Hell yeah I knew I saw you! I was one of the marines who graduated that day,thanks for the support!

  • Corey Davin
    Corey Davin  6 months ago +45

    Matt you did it agAin. Brought a tear to my eye bro what you did for those recruits. You made their day showing up like that for the friends and fam. I remember when I had my graduation and nobody showed. You truly are a good man Matt...! Thank you again for the great vid bro......!-)

  • SavageDaddy79
    SavageDaddy79  6 months ago +330

    As a combat veteran myself i am so glad to see you take the time and do this. What you just did for those young Marines is priceless.

  • Mountianman
    Mountianman  21 days ago +18

    You made the effort, which probably means more to those guys you met than actually getting to see them. You would have made a great Marine Matt. Semper Fi.

  • GhostRider Gaming
    GhostRider Gaming  6 months ago +17

    Bless your soul Matt that lets our service members know that ppl actually care for them not just thier families support them we all do absolutely awesome bro good stuff

  • John Rosa
    John Rosa  6 months ago +36

    Lol, for all those who aren't as tired as Matt, Marine Corps Boot camp is 13 weeks, not 6

  • Alan Talbot
    Alan Talbot  6 months ago +72

    All us vets thank you for supporting our new, young soldiers!

  • variable ratio
    variable ratio  6 months ago +175

    Wow man! You did it! THEY did it!! Respect all around. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  • Kason Furnas
    Kason Furnas  6 months ago +29

    I remember going to see my uncle graduate from the Marine boot camp and get his assignment. This was 1979 and I was six and a half years old. My uncle got an assignment to guard the American embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. I don't know if anyone remembers the atmosphere there around this time, but it was extremely intimidating. It's something I also never forgot. Thank you to all Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and all other servicemen and women who protect our liberties and interest both here and abroad. Freedom isn't free!

  • Adam Banaszek
    Adam Banaszek  6 months ago +5

    RESPECT Matt you just earned from my fellow MARiNES all around the world thanks Siemper Fi
    My first comment ever too!

  • Tony Gordy
    Tony Gordy  6 months ago +12

    Super happy you made it there Matt. 🇺🇸

  • Bryson D. Glass
    Bryson D. Glass  21 days ago +35

    I am 20 from Oklahoma leaving for Air Force BMT in October 1, 2019. Wish me luck

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White  6 months ago +248

    I was so hoping this video would be made, awesome Matt!!

  • Socc
    Socc  6 months ago +2

    Wish I could like the vid more than once. Lol. You're awesome bro!

  • Alan Kim, Jr.
    Alan Kim, Jr.  6 months ago +3

    Thanks for supporting our Marines! It was great meeting you, too!
    Signed, the Dad of the Marine at 8:05!

  • DJ Lowd
    DJ Lowd  6 months ago +14

    Y’all how did YouTube let Matt in trending

  • Sonny Beltran
    Sonny Beltran  6 months ago +10

    This is my favorite episode, totally awesome!!! 👍🏼🤘🏼💪🏽🇺🇸