Prime Picks! - The #1 Headphones on Amazon!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • The absolute best selling audio products on Amazon - are they any good?#1 headphones: wireless: earbuds: Best selling headphones: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee~


  • AndroidApps
    AndroidApps  a years ago +4885

    Marques’s reaction the whole time was like, When rich kids play with regular kids and they don’t want to be rude but they are obviously not impressed with their games.

  • Shadman Islam
    Shadman Islam  3 months ago +454

    "...people buying headphones at this price don't really care about a whole lot..."
    Me browsing tons of reviews for buying a $10 earphone:
    A M I A J O K E T O Y O U ?

  • jor_r
    jor_r  a years ago +2551

    When my ten dollar headphones break I just buy new ones, no big deal. When my two hundred dollar headphones break I cry myself to sleep, then buy ten dollar headphones.

  • savon boone
    savon boone  11 months ago +1090

    "They... Make sounds" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kongmeng Xiong
    Kongmeng Xiong  9 months ago +711

    What did we learn? 99% of people are not audiophiles

  • Krait Haywire
    Krait Haywire  a years ago +2095

    How do they sound, Marques?
    They produce sound. - MKBHD, 2018.

  • Subzero Arctics
    Subzero Arctics  a years ago +182

    I have those MPOW wireless headphones and definitely recommend them. They probably wouldn't be very durable if you threw them across a room (but would you really do that with a $200 pair of headphones?), but at that price they're practically disposable, have great sound quality, have a battery that lasts forever, and have a great interface. I use them with an iPhone and don't experience that "hiss sound" he mentions... not sure what he's talking about.

    ENLFRO  5 days ago +6

    Any chance that we'll get this series back? Really enjoyable and informative about the true quality of budget items.

  • ivan afanasenko
    ivan afanasenko  a years ago +98

    My go to earbuds, I’ve used Panasonic’s for 4 years now. They are pretty durable, I tend to lose them often so for 6-8$ I don’t feel bad. Seriously good deal

  • Andrew Coffman
    Andrew Coffman  9 months ago +70

    “If they’re asking for beats headphones” then you need to stop right there and educate them of what REAL sound is and real headphones are and not some overpriced garbage headphones like Beats

  • Neal Patel
    Neal Patel  14 days ago +11

    What happened to this series man?

  • Joshs Vision
    Joshs Vision  a years ago +83

    Good to see you review some things that may be more easily attainable for my budget. Thanks Marques.

  • Cynane
    Cynane  7 hours ago

    Review the ATH-MSR7b please!

  • Sorenkair
    Sorenkair  a years ago +40

    I've been using low-midrange headphones all my life ($40-60). They don't feel or sound like crap, and won't break the bank when you need to replace them.

  • Outstanding Innovation
    Outstanding Innovation  6 months ago +9

    For the Panasonic eurgo fit They break easily!! Thats the major flaw, I just can't buy these again. Im tire of buying pair after pair. 😭

  • MonkeyDude5751
    MonkeyDude5751  10 months ago +2

    Tbh if you playing around $40 for the on ear headphones, you should get some better quality.

  • SSK L
    SSK L  9 months ago +1

    The UrBeats 3's are on sale for $49 and sound 10 time better than all these combined.
    GET THEM. They're a steal

  • dan75robot
    dan75robot  7 days ago +1

    even when products were made in Japan in the 1990s there were problems but they were still better than made in china example I bought a sony stereo in 1994 it still works now apple ipod made in China be lucky if it lasts five years and that is without dropping it.

  • Tinashe Togara
    Tinashe Togara  a years ago +225

    The total amount of money i've spent getting cheap headphones could have gotten me decent or good headphones.

  • Janezcka Sandvliet
    Janezcka Sandvliet  a years ago +1

    i've had my first panasonic for 4 years.... i orderd a new one! they are amazingggg!!!