Russell Westbrook BEST & MOST VICIOUS Dunks of His Career! A MUST SEE MONTAGE!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • Check out Russell Westbrook's best career dunks & posterizes from the Oklahoma City Thunder!📌 SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT for MORE!📌 Follow our Instagram:📌 Follow our Twitter:▶️ WATCH HOH Originals:▶️ WATCH TTW Podcasts:▶️ WATCH Instagram Moments:▶️ WATCH 2018-19 Players Highlights:▶️ WATCH 2018-19 BEST Highlights:


  • 2k Goat
    2k Goat  1 months ago +395

    House of highlights is the best YT ever house of highlights I love u

  • Kevin Surur
    Kevin Surur  1 months ago +948

    Very few things are more entertaining than watching Brodie destroy rims.

  • ZR
    ZR  1 months ago +418

    Fam I swear Russ be putting his whole heart and soul into them dunks looool

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V  1 months ago +753

    Westbrook is the best if not one of the best aggressive dunkers EVER! The intensity after he dunks is crazy!!

  • Giga 13
    Giga 13  1 months ago +659

    Westbrook's dunking style is honestly my favourite, it looks so sick every time

  • Che Gibson
    Che Gibson  1 months ago +334

    Westbrook and Prime DRose the most athletic point guards we have ever seen

  • noah1griffiths
    noah1griffiths  1 months ago +346

    This was worth 18 mins of my time tbf

  • Willie Davis
    Willie Davis  1 months ago +323

    15-16 Russ was scary

  • MrFelix1411
    MrFelix1411  1 months ago +426

    "There's that nuclear athleticism of Russel Westbrook"
    - Mike Breen's line on nearly every dunk from Russ

  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson  1 months ago +111

    Westbrook statue in OKC?

  • Trent Kearns
    Trent Kearns  1 months ago +297

    How do people not like Westbrook? His pure aggression and hatred for rims is his most lovable trait

  • Ahmed Gz
    Ahmed Gz  28 days ago +106

    If Westbrook player in the 90’s he would’ve won championships.
    Back then 3pt shooting wasn’t that important

  • Neonskies 420
    Neonskies 420  1 months ago +111

    Now imagine him with a red jersey damn!!! He will be a fireball

  • Aaron Virdee
    Aaron Virdee  1 months ago +84

    Westbrook = Pimp
    Rim = Hoe

  • JK
    JK  1 months ago +95

    One of the greatest athletes of all time. This shit is entertaining to watch

  • Corey Lofton
    Corey Lofton  28 days ago +32

    Mohawk Westbrook was a different player 🔥😭

  • WickedWayne57
    WickedWayne57  1 months ago +43

    Missing a bunch of his best dunks, don’t have the 2012 All Star game dunk on Howard and LeBron, the dunk on Lamar Odom in 2010 playoffs, the Windmill he did on the fast break in 2011 vs Detroit or the Ally-oop from KD against the kings in 2012......... good mix tho & if anyone hasn’t seen them go look it up.

  • Khaleeq Sattaar El, II
    Khaleeq Sattaar El, II  1 months ago +70

    This montage shows how good Russ is on the defensive end. Very underrated part of his game.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  1 months ago +135

    Damn this guy should go play with harden one day 🚀🚀🚀

  • Liam Morales
    Liam Morales  1 months ago +100

    This is like an Goodbye to Westbrook or sumthin?