Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • If I Can’t Have You:

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    Music video by Shawn Mendes performing If I Can't Have You. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • ShawnMendesVEVO  (May 2, 2019))

    The funniest thing that happened to you when recording a music video? - Brian fell off a skateboard lol he’s okay tho!What inspires you every day? - Everything.. people, music, nature,   culture... life inspires me!Will you be playing this live?- for 50 years !

  • mendes army  (1 hour ago))

    ShawnMendesVEVO can't to go to your concert at Winnipeg!!! ilysm your my idol

  • mendes army  (1 hour ago))

    ShawnMendesVEVO 😍💋😂

  • Gaming World  (3 days ago))

    Is Shawn mendes better than Justin Bieber ??Yes = likeNo= comment

  • Ava J  (1 hour ago))


  • atreyee roy  (1 hour ago))

    Hell Shawn is so much better than Justin

  • Shreya Choudhary  (3 days ago))

    Comments:99%-Some Poland related stuff1%-(like me) have no idea what they are talking about

  • The Bromosexual  (6 hours ago))

    Pollocks dont speak English tho

  • Shreya Choudhary  (7 hours ago))

    +G NB haha ya

  • cyrene david  (3 days ago))

    broken phoneme: everything means nothing if i can't have youuu🎶

  • zaigham m  (8 hours ago))

    no homo but those vocals after 0:19 are sexy af

  • that's all  (4 days ago))

    The comment section:99% kisses from Poland1% other

  • God Christ  (22 hours ago))

    Maybe its first trending there

  • Just Me  (1 day ago))

    Me:100% Confused...why Poland?

  • ShawnMendesVEVO  (May 2, 2019))

    What was your biggest inspiration for this song?- truthfully my inspiration behind the song musically was from The 1975 ! Not to say it sounds crazy like them but I was obsessed with their album while making this song!

  • 002  (7 hours ago))


  • Cool Girl  (10 hours ago))

    Lovely song😍

  • •Milk• •Shake•  (4 days ago))

    99.99% KisSes fRom pOlaNd00.01% something original

  • Maryam Albuainain  (3 days ago))

    Everybody in the comments: Kisses from Poland!Me: Why the heck is everybody saying that!?Also me: kisses from Poland!

  • Bouziane Abdelsal  (22 hours ago))

    Maryam Albuainain kOui

  • Bouziane Abdelsal  (22 hours ago))

    Maryam Albuainain ko

  • Baibee Wendy  (4 days ago))

    I think we should give this song a nickname 🤔🤔”the kisses from Poland song” 😂

  • Adelaide queen pink  (2 hours ago))

    Mariana Playz it’s just a prank she’s my sister

  • Ms Beast  (2 hours ago))

    +Adelaide queen pink u bully

  • Addie Rose  (4 days ago))

    Kiss from Germany and Poland ich kann deutsch ja umiem po polsku 😂🥵😘❣️

  • Agulka _  (4 hours ago))

    oo heja :'D <3