We Sold the Copart 03 VW Jetta TDI!! Profit?

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
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  • Midnight Gambler  1 months ago

    Hail damage on a 2500 car?? Who cares? The new paint made a HUGE difference, pock marks and all. Nice flip.

  • JA  1 months ago

    I think you really maximised your profit the way you did it.

  • Rhian Taylor  1 months ago

    You can maybe fix the mechanics but fixing the looks is beyond most of us. Less charitably, your neighbors only see the looks.

  • Michael Peretto  1 months ago

    Weird Beards channel is awesome. His choice in cars is more similar to mine lol

  • Tacoma 55  1 months ago

    Mike's channel is what most guy cars want to see. He works on the cars instead of running his mouth in front of a camera and making 10 minute videos to say what can be said in 2 or 3. I subbed to see cars being worked on and sold not a drama queen. Mike's is exactly the kind of channel I wanted back then.

  • Brandon Moore  1 months ago

    Randy, keep moving forward! Channel is evolving!!!

  • The Jewbacabra  1 months ago

    The Jetta came out great. Can't wait for the Outlander's transformation.

  • Kenneth Jones  1 months ago

    Randy if you don't want criticism , don't ask your veiwers what do they want . Especially after you make the final decision.

  • AHR Red  1 months ago

    Hail Damage Is Just A Visual Damage In My Opinion Unless If It Reach Baseball Size

  • Aaron Barbosa  1 months ago


  • Lol Xdxd  1 months ago

    Randy , I think you did the right thing by not pulling the dents.