Fatness Challenge Round 2

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
  • Another round of fatness challenge! Team Very Competitive Red VS Team Everybody's Worst Nightmare.
    What other sports do you want us to do?

    Produced by:
    Hannah Lee @Hannahloveleee

    Filmed by:
    Norbin @NorbinNgoh
    Thomas @Heythomask

    Edited by:
    Justin Siu @jbsiu

    Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee
    Jason @Jasonkokotan
    Benzo @thisisbenzo
    Kishan @j.jaikishan
    Lingyi Xiong @Blingyi
    Audrey Goh @sparrowonweed
    Umehara Keiji @umeandhara

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  • Adelxxpha _  (Apr 12, 2019))

    *fish secretly is a real commentator*

  • Mehikaa Pandey  (Apr 12, 2019))


  • 44lyfe  (Apr 12, 2019))

    No, he is a real commentator on LOL. League of legends

  • gacha ashlee  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Can u make the killer game back beacuase we miss it 😢😔😭 plssa

  • plebbie potato  (Apr 12, 2019))

    yahhhh i miss it toooo!!!

  • kshirja gambhir  (Apr 12, 2019))

    I died laughing when they started carying chrysan. 🤣🤣 She is so unfit with codination

  • AthenaYT  (Apr 13, 2019))

    You mean:*I died laughing when they started carrying Chrysan. 😂😂 She is so unfit for coordination.*

  • Zoe Gan  (Apr 12, 2019))

    95%: bring back killer game3%: early 1%: I miss ...1%: how the game was unfair0.0000001%: me

  • Can we have "The killer game" back?

  • Parveen Khattar  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Wah!Banana YESSSSSS

  • Corgi Fan  (Apr 12, 2019))

    T H A N K Y O U 😍🤗🤩

  • AA BE  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Missing Terence and his jokes . 😣

  • smt nivas  (Apr 15, 2019))


  • Lisa Wong  (Apr 12, 2019))

    I laughed so hard when they picked chrysan up. They treated her like a doll!!!🤪

  • I Purple You!  (Apr 12, 2019))

    I think that Red Team should be disqualified for the last stage but its just an opinion

  • Caitlin Sharma  (4 days ago))

    It's called tactics and strategies!!!!

  • SAMMY JOY  (Apr 12, 2019))

    I didn't know Keji watches animeEdit: I feel like red team is cheating cause their just caring Crysan and I feel bad for Crysan cause at the other part it looks like the boys a just draging her with there feet while Crysan has no idea which foot goes in front first

  • Ghilliane Kate Quebral  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Early!!! (When you are early but do not know what to comment)Good Video, I always laugh when watching them do challenges! Please bring back the Killer Game