Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 6, 2018
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    Nintendo has given the world something... magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item - Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think...

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  • Nickolaus Cantor
    Nickolaus Cantor  13 days ago +16975

    Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  • GreyLoyd M1
    GreyLoyd M1  6 minutes ago

    1:20 is that windings?.... is that webings?.... is that... is that... wat the f is that

  • Maggie Mcleod
    Maggie Mcleod  19 minutes ago

    The intro? I thought my internet was acting up then it was just your intro. Oh snap you putting out a thing for us to solve

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson  26 minutes ago

    Ok fine with this. The mushroom kingdom needs a militaristic rule

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob  27 minutes ago

    Good theory but what about yo shoes island u see baby peach in there that kinda changes your theory

  • skull kid
    skull kid  33 minutes ago

    Play Viva piñata

  • d d
    d d  33 minutes ago

    Bowsette should be peacher cause the ette part is the end of toadettes name

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson  40 minutes ago

    So what you're saying is peach is a toad. That makes sense actually

  • Captain Ultra 1097
    Captain Ultra 1097  41 minutes ago

    So the mushrooms kingdom is a bunch of bees

  • Ethan Dahlberg
    Ethan Dahlberg  52 minutes ago


  • Tidal Rose
    Tidal Rose  59 minutes ago

    That intro... WHAT
    I have never seen such a glitch, even if it was a fake one.

  • Red Pand Lover
    Red Pand Lover  an hour ago

    Yeah we are

    DRAMA QUEEN  an hour ago

    please don't forget this isn't a bee kingdom

  • Cesar V
    Cesar V  an hour ago

    Uhh... Does ANYONE know what that intro text is trying to say?
    Also... Is there a evil Mat pat
    (Or as I like to call it, Matty Stabby... Yeaaahhh.....

  • AbigBlackcat
    AbigBlackcat  an hour ago

    so is peach genderless?

  • GamingMaster17 G
    GamingMaster17 G  2 hours ago

    Thats probrably why rosolinas princess peach is dead

  • Mineanimelife Boi
    Mineanimelife Boi  2 hours ago

    That was a dark end

  • Mineanimelife Boi
    Mineanimelife Boi  2 hours ago

    OML Toadette is my age

  • Mineanimelife Boi
    Mineanimelife Boi  2 hours ago

    Maybe she was the first of the evolved form of toad people; ( similar to human beings from apes)

  • RY/VRA B8master
    RY/VRA B8master  2 hours ago

    Speaking if baby peach...
    If Peach is a final form of Mushroom kingdom ruler...
    Then why does *baby peach* exist?