My electric rat rod wiring Hell

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
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    In today’s episode we clean up some of the wiring mess from the electric rat rod

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  • Eric McGinnis
    Eric McGinnis  yesterday

    At 52 seconds you show wires coming threw that metal hole! He yet dot already have one please get and install a rubber grommet in that whole! Also consider running a small engine for your accessories ! I don't know how feasible it is but I have seen an expirimmental engine developed for this purpose!

  • RWBHere
    RWBHere  14 days ago

    ~ 4:30 Putting it all at the front will also help to maintain correct weight distribution, and therefore the handling.

  • TheAstraEffect
    TheAstraEffect  21 days ago

    “Turn my wheel like a MAN”

  • Andrew Schmidt
    Andrew Schmidt  a months ago

    If you get a manual steering box, steering will be a little easier.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N  a months ago +1

    Get some LED headlights for it

  • Zena Flaptoise
    Zena Flaptoise  a months ago +1

    I love black white people

  • smitemus
    smitemus  a months ago

    We need a "Janky" counter for future build videos.

  • mrlpn2
    mrlpn2  a months ago

    i live in revere mass lol

  • t3hl3g4cy
    t3hl3g4cy  a months ago

    Rich i love the attitude but FFS please use some protective gear like a respirator and steel toe shoes. I know u weren't wearing a respirator because of the reflection in the headlights lol

  • dragade101
    dragade101  a months ago

    Make cut outs in that plate cause that is way too much steel. Like unneeded weight.

  • Jeffrey Hudson
    Jeffrey Hudson  a months ago

    Why is there a wood floor? Is that the way this vehicle was originally built?

  • JaySouth 501
    JaySouth 501  a months ago

    Bro you should invest into a reciprocating saw for cutting your metals...

  • scammellman bodybuilding

    What a reck.

  • Pugs Sports Life
    Pugs Sports Life  a months ago

    You’re the best bro. I know we all wanna see actual Tesla’s but it’s ok. I watch the commercials to help you out no matter. Peace.

  • Whats Going to Break Next? - DIY

    You got this! (are electrical fires on rat rods covered under insurance?)

  • Steven Horne
    Steven Horne  a months ago

    Tell the truth. You were the original builder when it had a 305 in it. Along with all the special wiring.

  • ReauDog
    ReauDog  a months ago

    13:12 How would one actually press that brake pedal all the way up there next to the steering column in the first place?!

  • Jonathan Hess
    Jonathan Hess  a months ago

    very cool project

  • Welsh Dave
    Welsh Dave  a months ago

    I know you have already done the plate to attach the motor where the engine was but, had you considered mounting the motor directly to the rear axle?

    Ditch the rotating mass of the prop shaft and move some weight to the rear.

  • diggleboy
    diggleboy  a months ago

    Geez Luize!! Please buy and wear safety boots, Rich!!!