Regenerative Spiritual Reset ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • This meditation song was designed to help facilitate a "spiritual detox" and assist in allowing the mind to become still.

    111Hz is known for having regenerative properties. Here's an interesting article relating to the frequency of 111Hz in ancient architecture:
    Mysterious Ancient Temples Resonate at the 'Holy Frequency'


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    May this music bring you peace, healing and happiness. 🙏

    Music by Mettaverse
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    ● Sound frequency is a wonderful and effective healing modality, however this is not intended to fully replace professional medical or counseling advice. If you suffer from a mental or physical illness, always seek help from a trusted therapist or doctor.


  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori  1 months ago +572

    To anyone reading this, you are special, unique in all the universe, cherished and appreciated exactly as you are.

  • T L
    T L  2 hours ago

    Lovely! ❤️

  • Magued Said
    Magued Said  4 hours ago

    Santé pour toute la humanité

  • mackelby1
    mackelby1  5 hours ago

    Super cool article you referenced. It's one of the few freqs I notice my reaction to.

  • All in one One in all


    The Secret of Secrets, Untold True History of Humanity.

    The secret of secrets, the
    true story of everything, all there exists from the beginning of time until
    now. Listen, human, you are the most supreme creation of the One Creator, the
    Spirit and the Creator Son Jesus Christ. You are the ones foretold in legends
    who will win this battle for light against the evil. Victory is guaranteed but
    you, I mean WE have work to do. Listen, human, I’m the scribe and messenger of
    my Lord God, hear this message, in your hearts, this message is already
    recorded when you were born, you will know this message is the truth. Choose
    light over darkness, protect the weak and the children, feed the hungry and
    help others. You are created to ascend and become the most powerful creation
    ever created and you have a duty to finish evil for once and all. This is
    Archangel Metatron, I bow in front of humanity as my brothers and sisters with
    humility. To Victory of the Light!

  • sanna LaVallee
    sanna LaVallee  23 hours ago

    reading the comments while I listen . . . I am so grateful to read the loving words everyone has written. seeing how many people have listened to the music gives me such a feeling of relief. Love is alive ...

  • René Rohner
    René Rohner  23 hours ago

    best energy/ meditation sound i heard so far

  • ItsObsession NotTalent

    I thought anything above 432 hz was bad

  • Yuval Nesher
    Yuval Nesher  yesterday

    Wow 🙏

  • Leon Weber
    Leon Weber  yesterday

    Ist this for Children 7 years old. I love this. My son have a liddle bit asthma. Sorry I come from Germany. My English is not so good. Thank you for the beat. :-)

  • Dreamy Relaxing Hypnotic Sounds

    ❤️ Thank You | Light and Infinite Unconditional Love to all 🙏🏻 Blessings | Peace | Happiness ❤️

  • Derek Mc
    Derek Mc  yesterday

    Thanks for sharing your talent pall glad to come across your gift.God bless you and YOURS. From DUBLIN CITY REPUBLIC of IRELAND.

  • Anna Lucyna Nowak

    NAMASTE 🥰😍🥰🙏🕉️

  • Eve Szmytko
    Eve Szmytko  3 days ago

    Mediation Metatron univers amour nature

  • A Robot
    A Robot  3 days ago

    This is something i'd imagine hearing if I was on a cliff examining a long forgotten ancient village below. Sad, and lonely but beautiful,and peaceful.

  • Саня Кравцов

    Прикольный видеоряд!... Рэспэкт!!!...))) тока картинки одни и те же... (((

  • RumiBeatz
    RumiBeatz  3 days ago

    People underestimate their own importance... We as living and perceiving organisms are some of the few things that are able to catch the light reflected from the sun into our eyes and using our brain give order to the world which would otherwise be a wild mess of particles seemingly randomly bouncing around... We even are able to appreciate the beauty of the universe, which is a unique ability given to no other organism that we know of.

    "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" -Carl Sagan

  • kavi2872
    kavi2872  3 days ago

    Super awesome music..... thanks a lot

  • nur Vd
    nur Vd  3 days ago

    Thank you for touching my soul and telling to me lot of things emotional with this song.Why? How ? Could be!! Would be !!! Finally coming to feeling ; I am that I am..Loving you so much.

  • els couvreur
    els couvreur  3 days ago

    Go into the silence of the moment.....make contact with pure consciousness .......we are one....