Fantastic Beasts & How To Kill Them - Dauntless Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Dauntless feels like it was invented solely to root out potential sociopaths in the gaming community. And James fell for it like a f***ing sucker.Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • manuelito1233
    manuelito1233  1 months ago +591

    I dont know if the sounds of beating the monsters and their squeals are coming from the game or it was edited in.
    EDIT: I see a lot of people saying it was in poor taste, I honestly thought it was funny how it points out that we're the monsters, not the poor dog or pig, as they edited in as well, as they beat up the monster. Hilarious video, with or without the edits.

  • Gabriel Dansdill
    Gabriel Dansdill  1 months ago +591

    I applaud everyone involved in the post fight shopping spree song. Had me in tears

  • 8bitdee
    8bitdee  1 months ago +190

    I can't tell which sound effects are from the game and which are added by the editor.

  • GrizzlyBadger Plays
    GrizzlyBadger Plays  1 months ago +801

    This is just the poor man's Monster Hunter.

  • Kenneth O'Brien
    Kenneth O'Brien  1 months ago +219

    I hope they play monster hunter sometime. Maybe when iceborne comes out.

  • Moe Ramen
    Moe Ramen  1 months ago +248

    7:50 “kill his babies, they just wana live, kill them” TOS BRUCE TOS

  • Haze O_o
    Haze O_o  1 months ago +59

    The editor on this video is out of control, man.

  • Jon-Michael Sparks
    Jon-Michael Sparks  1 months ago +112

    Who was the editor for this? It was really good but there's something unfamiliar about it

  • Toshiro Akechi
    Toshiro Akechi  1 months ago +171

    Would love to see them play more monster hunter world~

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming  1 months ago +32

    The editor did such a good job with the chainsaw noises and sad puppy sounds lol

  • Tiberius
    Tiberius  1 months ago +16

    The rave music edit was on point. 👌
    Much like the entirety of this video.
    Editor, you are transcendant.

  • Cameron D.
    Cameron D.  1 months ago +9

    "monsters! I mean..."
    " Can't get on top of them in this game"
    So I can assume they've played MHW? Gameplay pls

  • Scar Munster
    Scar Munster  1 months ago +3

    James broke the game so hard got even some muscles to Adam @ 4:27

  • Pickle Z
    Pickle Z  1 months ago +2

    Me at the start of the video:
    "Aw man I forgot about Dauntless! I should pick it up again."
    Me at the end of the video:
    "Oh yeah... maybe not."

  • lil Artman X
    lil Artman X  1 months ago +5

    I would love for these guys to play monster hunter...I think they would have so much fun

  • Chris Hutch
    Chris Hutch  1 months ago +50

    The "Post-Fighting Shopping Spree" song is my new theme.
    I know this is going to draw some comparisons to Monster Hunter but I've got to say the team behind this did a fantastic job making some unique armour and monsters.

  • blueapple007
    blueapple007  1 months ago +9

    Gawd damn it, the dog whimpering noises! Hahaha

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk  1 months ago +4

    this is just monster hunter for fortnite players lol

  • Bobo
    Bobo  1 months ago +1

    Damn... This runs WAY better on PC than xbox one... Oh well. I enjoyed my time anyway.

  • Marv86Marv
    Marv86Marv  1 months ago +12

    Yooo big bad beetleborg is a deep cut lol