Fantastic Beasts & How To Kill Them - Dauntless Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Dauntless feels like it was invented solely to root out potential sociopaths in the gaming community. And James fell for it like a f***ing sucker.

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  • Rage Gaming
    Rage Gaming  3 months ago

    Man the editor had a field day with this video

  • SuperCockatoo
    SuperCockatoo  3 months ago

    Amazing Edit!

  • Zombee Ritual
    Zombee Ritual  4 months ago

    This game doesn’t look very good. It’s like the Great Value brand MH

  • FranklinRichards
    FranklinRichards  4 months ago

    This looks real fun !!

  • smirkycoast
    smirkycoast  4 months ago

    Jesus I watched this when it came out and am coming back to it again, I did not notice the amazing editing the first time. The straw, the sad dog noises, the whiff noises, the sing along lyrics, the pogo stick bwyong, Jesus h the FH editors are the most talented ones in the business.

  • José Aliaga Giacosa

    This looks like a GW2 bosses game

  • Roslina Tamold
    Roslina Tamold  4 months ago

    The whimpering is not pleasant

  • Alexander vanKooten
    Alexander vanKooten  4 months ago

    This just really makes me want to see some Funhaus people play Monster Hunter World.

  • LP Forever
    LP Forever  4 months ago

    Everybody doesn't like Boreus.

  • Sarah Weisters
    Sarah Weisters  4 months ago

    What your private parts smell like does also depend on what you eat and drink, as well as how much you wash.

  • Aiden Lang
    Aiden Lang  4 months ago

    Just got a notification for this upload now, wth?

  • KadMonster
    KadMonster  4 months ago

    This game is too annoying to play

  • For Commenting
    For Commenting  4 months ago +2

    I felt like the editing was a bit intrusive for my taste

  • Arturo Sanchez
    Arturo Sanchez  4 months ago

    I'll stick to god eater

    edit: oh wait this has rave rhinos. I'll wait for the sale and if the switch runs it well.

  • Josh Reurink
    Josh Reurink  4 months ago

    So this is just RIP off monster hunter right?

  • Who That
    Who That  4 months ago

    i actually wanna see more of this, even thou i know it's a one time video. james seems to be so into this, he is channeling his inner lawrence.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man  4 months ago

    Adam Kovic dropping the C bomb!

    EXMORTUS  4 months ago

    The editing in this video was fucking amazing. 10/10 IGN

  • Cade Hartman
    Cade Hartman  4 months ago

    The editor for this vid was really on their game

  • Robertsun Robert
    Robertsun Robert  4 months ago

    Do CTR