Drug Antidotes

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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    Antidotes are asked almost in all exams. This is a highly scoring topic and it should be learnt by every nursing student.

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  • Mian Faizan Ali Arain

    Plzzz tell me insulin dose calculation method

  • satvir kaur
    satvir kaur  1 months ago +1

    Thx mam

  • Rajesh raj
    Rajesh raj  2 months ago

    Barbiturate poison mae tho DDT (dichloro di phenyl tri chloro ethane ) de saktha
    Only benzodiazepines poison mae tho flumazenil dena

    RAJAT MEERWAL  4 months ago

    Enoxiparin ka anti dote kya h

  • Nikhil singla
    Nikhil singla  7 months ago +2

    Plz mam aap PDF description zarur dala kro.
    And thank you so much for your good efforts😄👍

  • mahi singh
    mahi singh  7 months ago

    Man vdo kyu ni bna rhe ho ap vdo bnao

  • Pravesh Pravesh
    Pravesh Pravesh  7 months ago

    mam paper visible nhi h ....plzz make yur written work visible........

  • Prasad Mohapatra
    Prasad Mohapatra  8 months ago +1


  • akhlakur rahman
    akhlakur rahman  8 months ago

    flumazenil ko sirf benzodiazepin poisoning mai hi dete hai...barbiturate mai nhi

  • Talash E Haque
    Talash E Haque  9 months ago +1

    Most helpful video

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    Jyoti Singh  9 months ago


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    Rabena ferdouse  10 months ago +1

    thank u mam.. i am from Bangladesh

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    pardeep singh  10 months ago +1

    Full knowledge gain .thanku ji

    PARATH JAREDA  11 months ago

    Please see the results of the nursing courses offered by the live classes.

  • dr.anurag Thapliyal
    dr.anurag Thapliyal  11 months ago +1

    Nice mam..

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    Amandeep Amandeep  11 months ago

    Mam ur vedio is so helpful .thnku so much .God bless you....one thing more..chronic lead poisoning koi...painter's colic bhi kehte hai or plumbism to apne bta hi diya

  • Bilal Awan
    Bilal Awan  11 months ago +1

    Very nice Mam I am from Pakistan