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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • Do we own the cheapest 2017 Mustang Gt? This was a budget build for sure! Watch as we do a price break down each part that we purchased to bring this beast back to life. Like and subscribe for more total price breakdowns. Thanks for watching. -GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Isaiah Mcintosh
    Isaiah Mcintosh  9 months ago +160

    I prefer the Iphone footage.

  • piarro
    piarro  7 months ago +108

    salvage car price and final price at 11:50

  • Eddie Diederich
    Eddie Diederich  9 months ago +149

    $15k is an absolute steal! Holy smokes - was not expecting that.

  • NoisyShow Gamer
    NoisyShow Gamer  9 months ago +13

    Its means goonzquad is not selling their mustang. Mustang for drag racing

    GOLD RUSH NEWS  9 months ago +114

    suggestion: I know its not completed yet, but be sure to Reinforce that loft floor (more cross beams). You got shelving up there which indicates your gonna be using it often. BE safe, not sorry. love the channel fellas, keep it up.

  • Bmore Hemi
    Bmore Hemi  9 months ago +223

    Guys, next time put the prices on the screen and tally it up as you go....just a better watching experience

  • K - Joe
    K - Joe  9 months ago +100

    WTF, driver, passenger are the same person.

  • Stochkov Sakah - sm17
    Stochkov Sakah - sm17  9 months ago +2

    Wow 15k???
    That's crazy goonzsquad.
    You guys rock💪

  • will _dxn
    will _dxn  9 months ago +7

    My favorite build so far. Stang nation. Keep up the good work @goonzquad

  • glasszone33
    glasszone33  4 months ago +2

    In that beautiful scenery you really need a gorgeous sport car.
    Watching from Baghdad 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha  9 months ago +176

    $15k for a 2017 GT .. thats a W 🏆 !!

  • Fire Alarms & sirens
    Fire Alarms & sirens  6 months ago +1


  • mike stang
    mike stang  6 months ago +3

    Supercharger! Great salvage build, is it re-certifiable? Can't-lose either way!

  • Michael Hollingsworth
    Michael Hollingsworth  9 months ago +2

    The problem is ReBuilt Title cars are Hard to Resale---Not that you guys dont do a Great Job --

  • Jack Brunson Jr.
    Jack Brunson Jr.  9 months ago

    Great editing. Hard work, pays off. God bless you guys - much success!!

  • Unnamed channel
    Unnamed channel  9 months ago +129

    Mustang is memory, I would keep it. Your mustang rebuild exploded on YouTube.

  • Jackson Conrad
    Jackson Conrad  9 months ago

    Love the channel! Been watching since the TJ! This video quality has stepped up so much. I love it

  • Remy Vlogs
    Remy Vlogs  9 months ago

    Always support you broo!
    Keep the good work..

  • Luray Penner
    Luray Penner  9 months ago

    Great job goonzquad. Lovin your input on rebuilding cars. The mustang is the best and might always be the best build you have done

  • khafaji mohanad
    khafaji mohanad  9 months ago

    wow that is cheap 15k for 2017 Mustang GT