Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart Make B/R Hosts Do Whatever They Want in Las Vegas Sneaker Store

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
  • We let Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart control whatever our hosts did in a Las Vegas sneaker shop. What could go wrong? 😂Find more exclusive sports coverage: us on Twitter: us on Facebook:


  • Jason Yu
    Jason Yu  a years ago +1079

    Lmao these kids gonna drive Lebron crazy on the plane

  • Marly Marl
    Marly Marl  a years ago +522

    Guy at the end. "I'm a devout laker fan"!... only recognizes Kyle kuzma.

  • Muhammad Hamzah
    Muhammad Hamzah  a years ago +382

    "Hey that's Josh Hart!"
    "Don't act like you know Josh."

  • Oprah’s Shoota -
    Oprah’s Shoota -  a years ago +266

    Damn bruh he did Josh Hart dirty at the end

  • Reel Tawk
    Reel Tawk  a years ago +395

    Impractical Ballers

  • • Darion •
    • Darion •  a years ago +335

    Aye my boys Kuz and JH!!

  • bluex610
    bluex610  a years ago +86

    A little bit of cringe and some parts but overall very funny. I like this kind of exposure on players. Next time put them in disguise and let them prank other people.

  • darius daughtry
    darius daughtry  a years ago +89

    This video is KUZ

  • H2 0
    H2 0  a years ago +36

    Dont act like you know Josh 😂

  • James C.
    James C.  a years ago +144

    Josh hart: King of Chug Jugs

  • Ngui
    Ngui  a years ago +210

    Make this a series!!! Bring Zo next time

  • Jed Wells
    Jed Wells  a years ago +45

    "dont act you know josh" had me in tears

  • Manny
    Manny  a years ago +143

    basically impractical jokers but the rip off version

  • TransWest Security
    TransWest Security  a years ago +97

    “Devoted laker fan” thought Josh Hart was Kyle Kuzma I’m done 😂😂

  • Treyboi
    Treyboi  a years ago +28

    “What’s up Kyle kuzma!!”
    Oh no that’s josh hart

  • sleep less
    sleep less  a years ago +17

    Gotta love the big guy who pranked the guys back when said he's a devout Laker fan then upon entering the back room shouts "What's up Kyle Kuzma?" but gesturing to give Josh Hart the high five LOL!

  • Laying Down Reactions
    Laying Down Reactions  a years ago +7

    The couple with the margarita was real cool

  • Isaac Blue
    Isaac Blue  a years ago +36

    I wish the Kuz and Josh were the employees

  • Veno202
    Veno202  a years ago +17

    The Best Dynamic Duo in the league

  • Treyboi
    Treyboi  a years ago +18

    Impractical Lakers