This Crazy Rare Porsche 911 Is Cheaper Than A Toyota Camry?!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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  • Ectas  11 months ago

    Next video: I bought a fire damaged farrari F355 from Hoovies garage!

  • Ashmeet Singh  9 months ago


  • Robert Drake  11 months ago

    NO. Sold to Samcrac.

  • ABDULSAMAD GAMING  11 months ago

    2018: I bought a cheap Lamborghini 2028: I bought a cheap DEVIL SIXTEEN 2038: I BOUGHT A CHEAP PALACE2068! I DIED

  • TheKiwiSage  10 months ago


  • HannibalACP82  11 months ago

    The fake RS badge is super cheesy

  • teamEP789  11 months ago

    aw black rules!

  • Clesarie  11 months ago

    The black looks pretty great on the car. I mean porsches should only be black white or red unless they're some special trim.

  • Shrewd negotiating

  • Noah Cain  11 months ago

    Enough with these filler videos. Give us the lambo!!! Haha

  • Long Huynh  9 months ago

    @eNaRDe He got a Viper project, a Supra project, 2 mercedes project, and a burned ferrari project, and a planned project for a Toyota MR2, his diesel truck that he wants to add more power to, please, pretend like you know how everything work, legit sounds like a dumbass

  • MoneyBags Banks  10 months ago

    Benjamin Hammonds I did already. This dude just pissed a lot of people off. I think he didn’t own that Lamborghini

  • Dilshorn  11 months ago

    I think you should pay Samcrac a visit on the farm while on holidays.

  • BOOSTED 1327  11 months ago

    Next video how to fix a burnt FERRARI

  • DjDestinyChicago  11 months ago

    My car isn’t on this caliber... but I think I bought the cheapest running and driving X5 in the states. Body & interior are almost flawless. 130k, got the seller down to $900 😎

  • Papa Torr  9 months ago

    Why do people brag about cheating another human being? Sounds like you bought a $2k car, that the seller was under pricing to begin with, and You "got the seller down to $900." Why wouldn't you gladly pay the seller his asking price and thank him? The Porsche seller in this video had 17 offers to buy at asking price because it was underpriced and the right thing to do. But I suppose in a world teaching that there is no right or wrong, and that everything is relative, and that there are no ab...

  • Blair Aquilia  11 months ago

    Wtf lol. I'm jealous

  • Ian Darrah  11 months ago

    Please, for the love of God, never never never rebadge a lower trim car to look like something it's not.

  • Gaurav S Rao  1 months ago

    It is made to look like that. I agree your point tho

  • The Shooting Bench  11 months ago

    He could not have done a vin number swap to the car and frame? Or was the VIN the issue?

  • Sixgun Sled  11 months ago

    I love your channel man. I buy and mod my own cars also. I just don’t go through as many as you. Lol I have 4 vehicles right now I’m building. But I love the cars you pick and what you do man. You’ve been a great inspiration to me and my channel. 👍👍👍

  • Fernando Colunga  11 months ago

    SixGunSled ppl

  • Sixgun Sled  11 months ago

    Kreative Kontent oh I agree 🔥🔥🔥