This Crazy Rare Porsche 911 Is Cheaper Than A Toyota Camry?!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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    Thanks to Ed Bolian at VinWiki!

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  • Surfside
    Surfside  1 months ago

    Yup it's freaking sweet😍, dude can not stop smiling😁

  • Michel Alzualde
    Michel Alzualde  1 months ago


  • Alexander Schumann
    Alexander Schumann  3 months ago

    hey Tavarish, just so you know. technically it is air cooled, yes..... but as far as I know the Porsche 964 and 993 have a oil cooler or various oil coolers in the front of the car .which yes cool the engine (oil) and engine temp...... its actually has around 15 liter of oil due to the pipes going all the way to the front.....(that also why they take ages to warm up to optimum operating temp, these models, like more than 20miles) . only older Porsches up to the later 70s actually are fully air cooled. and the engine is more like the one in a VW beetle; with a extra row of cylinders and the fan that pushes the air out the back helping with the air flow... especially when stuck in traffic.
    anyway love you approach to fixing cars like a real mechanic does! keep it up!

  • Ralph Spencer
    Ralph Spencer  4 months ago

    Tavarish I would love to find a Ferrari wheel for my buddy. Where should I start looking?

  • Fari M
    Fari M  8 months ago

    What year is this Porche ?

  • Daniel BIG NEWS
    Daniel BIG NEWS  9 months ago

    Oil cooled to be exact 😂

  • cityking9ne
    cityking9ne  10 months ago

    I've seen a 993 fatality in Connecticut on the Merritt Parkway around 1995 . The guy's body was hanging halfway out of the window, he must not have been wearing his safety belt.

  • J M
    J M  10 months ago

    So a company that specializes in vin numbers and protecting people has mostly rebuilt, rented, lease back, and repossessed sports cars. I respect the idea of putting as much info on vins as possible and reporting everything but wouldnt you want to show like 900 mile original unmolested examples of these.

  • momo3369
    momo3369  a years ago

    Freddy gave away the VinWiki hideout for those of us in North Atlanta. Just found it just using the video. 🤣

  • bruce pate
    bruce pate  a years ago

    much better channel then Doug or Hoovie.

  • Ryan Paige
    Ryan Paige  a years ago

    When I was a teenager, my Dad had a 911 Turbo factory slant nose (1988 model year, so a 930). I got to drive it like one time, and the pedals coming up from the floor and the high friction point of the clutch threw me for a loop. Certainly very different than the Toyota Celica I was driving at the time. Anyway, by the time the clutch disengaged, I was way too far on the accelerator. We left a not-insubstantial amount of rubber behind on the road. Thankfully, I was able to keep it on the road and in the correct lane.

    You did a much, much better job than I did.

  • So Isaidtogod
    So Isaidtogod  a years ago

    Wait until you pay for an oil change, that 911's oil would cost more than a tuneup for a Toyota.

  • Miguel Castaneda
    Miguel Castaneda  a years ago

    your not a porsche driver...if you lug it you will ruin it was ment high revs...has rev limiter so wont hurt it

  • T2020
    T2020  a years ago

    You can not buy that...he "stole" it. What a deal. The guy that sold it was a stand up guy indeed. If i had 17 immediate "I'll take it at price as is, where should i wire the money" offers I would be seriously reconsidering selling it.

  • Papa Torr
    Papa Torr  a years ago

    10:45 "So that air cooled engine is unlike any other engine though that I've ever heard" I guess you've never been around a VW?
    At the risk of being offensive, I prefer the sound of my liquid cooled Porsche.

  • Carstuff111
    Carstuff111  a years ago

    Mr. Bolian is now one of my automotive heroes.

  • D5th Element
    D5th Element  a years ago

    Next, I bought a 2018 LFA with two dead Mexicans in the back seat and cum all over the steering wheel for only $2!!

  • MrMekune
    MrMekune  a years ago

    993s are cheaper than 996s in the US? What the fuck is that about?

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus  a years ago +3

    "Cheapest 911 in the country" LOL I've seen 996s on ebay/craigslist for $10k, this car would get 4-5x as much

  • wholeNwon
    wholeNwon  a years ago

    It's amazing how often people who really believe in efficient markets think they have found something mispriced. Maybe this is an example.