Copart Auction Win #1 Revealed!! Flood!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
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  • William Brinkley
    William Brinkley  2 days ago +1

    Not the original filter, someone may have tried to fix it. But ultimately I’m thinking it was Ins. Fraud, vandalism, or just maybe they drove through shallow water and water got sucked into the intake and it’s Hydro-locked

  • A Y
    A Y  7 days ago

    the starter probably was under water and got its electronics corroded.

  • A Y
    A Y  7 days ago

    the first thing you should have done after drooping the old oil mixed with water, is remove the spark plugs and see if there is water in the cylinders. if you crank the engine the water will go out that way if there are any. this is to do before any rotation to the engine - because if there is water there, as we know water are uncompressible it will damage the head pistons and valves.

  • Morgan Mcgarthur
    Morgan Mcgarthur  a months ago +3

    You said: : This is not a flood car a thousand times" It is a flood car!

  • Carlos Osegura
    Carlos Osegura  a months ago

    I want to buy some 2 and flip them Randy flip them and flip them and flip them Mason money

  • john white
    john white  2 months ago

    hello from uk watched lots of your videos i do the same as you over here in uk and like the challenge

  • BikesBabesandBangBangs

    Dumps a gallon of water out of the oil pan then proclaims "there's no sign this was ever in a flood". 🤔

  • jaime rivera
    jaime rivera  4 months ago

    Srx arent good and 160+k miles its not worth all the possible problems...u can get better deals than that. 750 plus fees and tow not worth it.. if u spent 500 more u can get a run and drive lower miles that might just need a bumper....and u can make sure they start move. ALWAYS BUY FROM INSURANCE COMPANY SELLER ..NEVER A DEALER OR PRIVATE SELLER...

  • noneya biz
    noneya biz  4 months ago

    drains the oil...water comes out.....then says "this was not a flood". Okay

  • Legend17
    Legend17  4 months ago

    Don’t go to the link in the description guys. There is a free car fax and you can see the history of your car. Just google it

  • DirtyDego Vlogs
    DirtyDego Vlogs  4 months ago

    budy you are wrong...... it is a flood car

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith  5 months ago +2

    lmfao so the engine is hydrolocked and they replaced the air filter what's so hard to figure out?

  • Chip Amos
    Chip Amos  5 months ago

    Predivorce fuck you. Garden hose in the plenum.

  • Fusion illusions
    Fusion illusions  5 months ago

    Copart is like a giant eBay. They just charge the seller their a commission. Copart is a scam.

  • Luke Pollock
    Luke Pollock  6 months ago

    Damm them engines are horrible we have them in our holden commodores here in Australia.

  • Tom Chapman
    Tom Chapman  6 months ago +5

    I am a $1,000 BUYER for that one while still at yard! Missed it - DANG!! Do good on it!

  • Okay Raif
    Okay Raif  6 months ago

    Another one going for scrap because you can’t fix it

  • yourne carwin
    yourne carwin  7 months ago

    Banking soda for water

  • Darrell Roeters
    Darrell Roeters  7 months ago

    Guess you bought it.

  • David Varela
    David Varela  7 months ago