Rick Gates: Confessions, Infidelity, And 'WTF'

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Richard Gates was supposed to be the key witness in Paul Manafort's trail. That was before the surprise appearance of 'Secret Richard Gates.'

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  • Jeanne Stellfox
    Jeanne Stellfox  a months ago

    We so need Stephen Colbert on a daily basis to get through this circus of events happening both in the Russian and Trump business investigations without getting a serious headache from the stress of worry!

  • kn tlt
    kn tlt  2 months ago

    No mention of Israel's involvement in Trump's election with Psy-Group and Black Cube. Of course Corbert doesn't want to loose his career.

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs  2 months ago

    Allegedly ???

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs  2 months ago

    Steven you keep them coming...

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs  2 months ago

    Ice cold lol...

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs  2 months ago

    2/3 ???

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs  2 months ago

    I know you can't hardly get this s#1+ right.

  • Norville Rogers
    Norville Rogers  2 months ago

    Why doesn't he cover hillary? Bias much?

  • nuzhat marzana
    nuzhat marzana  2 months ago

    Why is she calling him donny 😄😄😄

  • Marguerite Galimitakis

    Happy Birthday, Inspector Mueller. Get Trump! Trump is 100 percent guility.

  • Angel Nazario
    Angel Nazario  3 months ago

    Shut the f¿°^k up donny, your outta your element!

  • Mila Martens
    Mila Martens  3 months ago

    Against flavor independent uqeeg ours critical minute mix survival teenager wake starting.

  • LilyT
    LilyT  3 months ago

    “Here come the horses!”

  • Ellis Bayouth
    Ellis Bayouth  3 months ago

    “Just ask a lot of women” I spit out my ice cream

  • Student Loans Are Cool

    There goes Stephens top secret clearance.

  • Iris Muise
    Iris Muise  3 months ago

    Pay mr. Colbert whatever he demands. He is hilarious. Stephen don't ever get bored with the show I love watching your dialogues. Pay this man whatever he wants with the new contract he's amazing.

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth  3 months ago

    That he even had the guts to say he was running for President in a building he didn't finishing paying for is typical Trump. It was his first bankruptcy. He and his lawyers waited for it to be finished, shook the contractors hands and then declared bankruptcy! Can you imagine all the man/woman hours and materials that the contractors had to pay for when he didn't pay? Honest working people who deserved to be paid. And he did it with his three casinos as well. He was told by an accountant NOT to buy the third one as they'd all have to complete with one another. He didn't listen and he did the same thing to those contractors. But he believes the three bankruptcys are just one. Delusional Trump. In his mind he's only declared bankruptcy four times. There's a reason no bank in America will lend him a penny. It was sure nice of an ex KGB person who claims he's not a Communist or serial killer anymore to lend Trump A BILLION DOLLARS. That plus the sex tape has sure kept Trump's strings attached all this time. Putin calls, Trump comes. And they won't let anyone listen in when they speak for an hour and a half. He is a traitor full stop. And Putin doesn't even trust Russian banks with the 200 billion dollars he's stolen from rich men he's had murdered. It's in America under false names. How does that work? Putin - " I think the people here are on to the facts of how I got in office again and how I murdered all kinds of journalists and old men. Better get some of that money out in America under Karen Biggalow's name and hit the road. Where in the world can I go? I know! Space! Trump's going to get those star troopers up soon and they can protect me. I'll just live on a space station for the rest of my life. Honey, pack your bags!! Have I got a plan you'll love!! Do you have a blond wig I can borrow? No. I'll got to my old friend and fellow serial killer's country. North Korea! No. I'll starve there and he'll take my money, send me to work in China and take my wages like he's done for years. I know because I'm using thousands of North Koreans now as slave labor. Rats." :( Seriously, I have to thank Mr. Colbert for the passion he has of keeping up with this monster job. He feels like I do. Pure hate for the child in the White House. Bigot extraordinaire. The only one Trump worships is Trump. Even salmon have filters in their mouths. :) Songs

  • Dean William
    Dean William  3 months ago

    wow real props. moving up in the world.

  • Gregory Shine
    Gregory Shine  3 months ago


  • Gregory Shine
    Gregory Shine  3 months ago