Happy Valentine's Day

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
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  • B.B.
    B.B.  11 months ago

    Years ago my ex dumped me the day before V-day on social media. So instead of being sad or reliving that situation I was praising the universe for saving my life!! So I treated myself to a nail appointment and then took myself out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Wore a red dress makeup done and had a good meal/wine. I love myself and know what I deserve 💖

  • Trump Girl!
    Trump Girl!  11 months ago +1

    SheRa I was soooooo pissed at a potential sugar daddy from a web site who flew in to meet me in my town at a restaurant on Feb. 15th just for me to be UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! Over the phone and everything prior he was soooo smitten with my pics on the site and liked my personality over the phone, and remembering like you said to make sure he likes you waaaaay more with him being ugly and older, he popped up with a Val Day card EMPTY!!!! If he were a real potential sugar daddy his ass would have had at least a $100.00 in the card saying buy yourself something pretty for the first meeting. So with my fake smile thank you regarding the empty card, he paid for dinner as I had to look into his unattractive face realizing that he would not be a generous daddy but wants to be all up on me in my space while I was dressed up looking nice taking up my time and probably not even a real baller like that. I assessed him thoroughly in a few hours of boring conversation over dinner and realized he was not a good target and after I left with a thank you, sent him a goodbye text saying that I would not be meeting with him for dinner again the next evening as originally planned and wished him well on his flight home and don't think we are a good match for each other as my site description described exactly the kind of man I am interested in .......GENEROUS!!!! So if his ass being 20 years older than me does not know what that mean then good riddance to him honey! I am moving onto the next potential target. Don't have time for clueless unattractive older men who don't know they have to pay to play!!!!

  • Liquid Bijoux
    Liquid Bijoux  11 months ago +4

    No date for me! But I got myself a gift! A makeup subscription box!! And I’m too busy to care about a dude! So into myself! So happy & content with myself! So happy on this day! Been listening to your videos! I’m leveling up for sure and next year I’m going to be with a baller! 🙌🏾❤️ actually this is the best Valentine’s Day for me! Ever! Because my mind is in the ultimate best place it’s ever been in! Which is not worried bout a dude!

  • Jenny Titus
    Jenny Titus  11 months ago

    After watching some of this woman's videos I'm beginning to wonder if she really loves her husband.

  • Zuhal Sultan
    Zuhal Sultan  11 months ago

    Thanks, Ashera. I started watching you 3 weeks ago and already saw some results this valentine. I’m passing the knowledge to all my girlfriends so they don’t remain pick mes. ❤️

  • roxanneworld11
    roxanneworld11  11 months ago

    i agree! because i grew up in communities (earliest school years, family, community, church) that automatically emphasized that EVERYONE is our Valentine..even as little, tiny kids..at the elementary school they gave us the kid-version of those adorable one-sided cards with decorations+ "to & from" fields..we exchanged them with every other child at the school..+ all the teachers & support staff.

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!, girl!! 🌠🎊🎉🎆 to you AND your husband & chir'ren!! 🙋🏾

  • Queen of Wands Sagittarius

    I have a FWB and he bought me chocolate from See’s my fav! And he cooked for me😁 I thought that was nice bc we’re really not together but he treats me nice 💞

  • Ceecee Nj
    Ceecee Nj  11 months ago

    I’m in hapoy committed relationship, very happy and proud.. l’m also excited for my honeymoon trip this weekend with myself lol.

  • Boubacar Sow
    Boubacar Sow  11 months ago +1

    Mgtow is winning no Valentine's day lol all that bullshit girl buy yourself a gift leaves men with their money the entitlement is too much from you whaman this is just the beginning you guys are waiting for rich men to spoil y'all ass lol keep waiting lol

  • KevZen2000
    KevZen2000  11 months ago +2

    I am grateful for this channel. It keeps men informed on how women really see men. Keep up the good work. You're helping MGTOW to grow more than ever.

  • Juju Butterfly
    Juju Butterfly  11 months ago

    You're great at giving advice, Shera! Being a pre-nursing student who works full time , I can't listen to hours long videos. This is here is PERFECT. 💋 Happy V-Day

  • nyce M
    nyce M  11 months ago

    I am a new subscriber here and you're videos are everything! Thanks for reminding me that my level up and femininity is my superpower.

  • flamingsunflower
    flamingsunflower  11 months ago

    Shera do you still have the novice group? I messged you on fb

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B  11 months ago +3

    happy Valentine’s day! I bought myself a engagement ring, would be happy to marry me!

  • Riyan Mack
    Riyan Mack  11 months ago +1

    We love you Ashera! Teaching us what they don’t want us to know!🔮 #manifestingmylife YOU’RE A GIFT LADY! 😘😘😘

  • Belizean Bad&Bruja
    Belizean Bad&Bruja  11 months ago +1

    Happy V day. I decided to do some love work for self love and to draw in the type of love that I want. So I just came from the botanica. Got some love candles, herbs, oils, and book for working with saints for different purposes. I'm going to cash these checks cuz I love 💰 lol ❤️ 😂 buy some roses some 🍷 and take me a love bath after doing my workout tonight. And might even go to the Spa tonight Shiiiiiiiit 🙃🙃🙃 getting back to me and it feels great.

  • CD Till
    CD Till  11 months ago

    I hope you and your family have a great Valentine's day beautiful Queen💯⚫

  • WestPhillyBabe
    WestPhillyBabe  11 months ago +2

    Every year I feel good all day until the end of the day. Even if buy my own gifts. I feel like I’m too old to not have figured it out 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ I even spoke up and mentioned what I wanted.

    SHI_BOMB _BAE  11 months ago


  • Pamela Riley
    Pamela Riley  11 months ago

    Happy Valentines Day!!🌹🌹🌹🌹