Happy Valentine's Day

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
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  • Moon Maiden
    Moon Maiden  6 months ago +154

    I got nothing for Valentine’s Day and I live with a dusty but I don’t really care. I’m going to stack my money and leave. I’m only living with him because I am rebuilding my credit. He’s a stepping stone. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️

  • Laura Love
    Laura Love  6 months ago +74

    I renewed my commitment to eating like I love myself. Thanks Shera! 😍

  • LovelyMayhem
    LovelyMayhem  6 months ago +39

    My mom had a huge vase of flowers delivered to my class in 7th grade. I did feel so special, may she RIP :)

  • Jesi Smith
    Jesi Smith  6 months ago +70

    Going on a date tonight with my new boo hes a pediatrician hes so sweet and doesn't mind spoiling me at all thanks so much shera

  • Rehana A
    Rehana A  6 months ago +63

    Better to be alone than be with a dusty 💪

  • Kye Brianna
    Kye Brianna  6 months ago +53

    “Nobody wants to love you if you don’t love yourself” A WORD! 🙌🏾

  • Claudia
    Claudia  6 months ago +42

    Buying yourself a gift when no one else does is not only a way to treat yourself, but it’s also a way to MANIFEST a giving lover in the future. Happy Valentines Day Ashera! Let us know what James gets ya 💜

  • HomeFit
    HomeFit  6 months ago +39


  • Vanessa
    Vanessa  6 months ago +31

    I’m in a v neck, long sleeve, maxi, super red dress today.

  • Zodiac Wars
    Zodiac Wars  6 months ago +13

    Your cute dimples!!😍😍
    I got the bracelet and purse I want. Plus dinner tonight!

  • Ms M
    Ms M  6 months ago +41

    Lots of self reflection.

  • Essie K
    Essie K  6 months ago +15

    put on some red eyeliner, bought myself some local gourmet chocolates, called my parents, and sent my closest friends some loving texts. happy valentine's day!

  • Kisa Barbie28
    Kisa Barbie28  6 months ago +19

    Thank you Ashera7 h a p p y v d a y ☺
    It does start with self love im single and im okay i rather be this way then stuck with a dusty🍷

  • Self Elevation
    Self Elevation  6 months ago +16

    Peace & Happy Vday to all the Beautiful Queens!.. hope everybody is enjoying their day today!.. Love your Man ladies, & any men, DEF Love & appreciate & cherish your woman!..
    Unity yall!.. Man & Woman belong together as one unit! (The foundation to this life is Man, Woman & Child).. yes indeed... do what this "holiday" is meant for; love from your heart!.. love yourself & love those who loves you back.. for real.. not an idiot you may be chasing behind (female or male)... don't hurt your heart like that.. Love yourself FIRST like Queen Ashera (SheRa) is saying!.. others will NATURALLY love you because YOU LOVE YOURSELF!!!! that's what it's about... indeed!..

  • Rose Noe
    Rose Noe  6 months ago +11

    Happy Valentines Shera! Gonna take my daughters somewhere tonight! The real loves in my life

  • Anpala
    Anpala  6 months ago +15

    You really are an amazing person. Happy V-Day ,Shera.

  • Oh so Prissy Shay
    Oh so Prissy Shay  6 months ago +7

    shera said don't give nothing out for free!!!!!!!

  • linda brown
    linda brown  6 months ago +12

    Yes, love yourself, get active...........just finished an exercise tape since there's too much ice and snow outside to walk. In fact I had to be reminded that it was Valentine's day (lol).......

  • Mariah G
    Mariah G  6 months ago +7

    ❤️ love yourself more than anything, ladies ❤️

  • Kim J
    Kim J  6 months ago +12

    Happy Valentines Day. You are so special