Samsung Galaxy Watch Hands-On: Steady progress, but few thrills

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • We knew Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 was coming, but the new Galaxy Watch was a bit more of a surprise. (Well, as much a surprise as a device Samsung leaked on its own website can be.) The crowds have finally started to dissipate here at Samsung Unpacked, so we snagged a few Galaxy Watches to try on, and there's immediately plenty to like about the wearable.

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  • RICK
    RICK  a years ago

    Im assuming a load of the comments below are apple employees upset about the company's latest financial status.. but ..3 months into a Galaxy LTE i am still in love with this thing. Batt life is simply the best on the market. Doubts? borrow one and wear any competitor for 7 days on the other wrist and compare. Rugged as hell but stable systems and simply logical to the masses versus a clumbsy swipy swipy too many steps apple things that alot of chicks dig.. I'm a goon in emergency services and this watch has been in brawls, runs 45-55kms a week and gets soaked in blood and smacked on cement. Not a scratch or glitch. Again, apple and others are so slick and pretty but simply not able to wear the smackdown and last a pile of nightshifts like this smooth tank. Loooove the band.. leather is for office types and those who don't wear in gym or shower but this line is like the Toyota of watches. To each their own, but fit/finish/smoothness/band/batt and durability are an owners dream. To be fair to apple stuff they also handle water and extremes well, but the raised rounded face of apple my prior 2 gear watches seemed to get scuffs far easier than this goofy bezel some bashed years ago. This isn't so girly and plasticky feeling. It's a watch first. Versatile, crazy stable, smooth, comfy, real deal.

  • Şeyma Nasab
    Şeyma Nasab  a years ago

    samsung s3 worked 1,5 days only

  • Diablo_PT
    Diablo_PT  a years ago

    She just buried this product 😂

  • Pedro Candeias
    Pedro Candeias  a years ago

    Horrible! The big ones, for men, are both sport watches. Who the hell had the horrible taste of putting black buttons and black bezel on the silver model??? Totally destroyed the class of the Gear S3. There is no choice now... just 2 sport models... UGH! Want to buy my first smart watch and Iam going to buy thw silver S3. Current model is simply idiotic. Not everybody wants a sport version of the watch. Why 2 sport ones??? Major disappointement. Want to be able to take it to suit and tie meetings without looking ridiculous. The S3 had the sport and classic versions and that is what Iam going for... WHY, WHY, WHY SAMSUNG???? Wrong people ahead of these decisions...

  • Courtney Ross
    Courtney Ross  a years ago

    I think Samsung is finally realizing that women like wearing their watches too

  • Bryan Walker
    Bryan Walker  a years ago

    Please come out with a Gear S Retro Samsung!

  • LU E GI
    LU E GI  a years ago

    I know the mst isn't there but I feel it runs better. I need bixby. Hard being a security guard because I can't pull out my phone to text. S voice is the worst so anything different is an upgrade

  • Eno Beano
    Eno Beano  a years ago

    The only watch that was good was the galaxy s. These round smartwatches with the old fashioned bulky frames around the faces are ugly and the screens are too small. I’m not feeling it.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan  a years ago

    Pre-ordered the Note9. Will pick this up on Black Friday tho, gotta recover from this $1300 😂

  • TheSneakerGame
    TheSneakerGame  a years ago

    Unfortunately I just hate the band. I'd much rather a leather one

  • Aredo Plloci
    Aredo Plloci  a years ago

    Bezels still look bigger than the gear s2 :/

  • Secular Guy
    Secular Guy  a years ago

    I feel like they dropped the ball on this one. Two years and this is the upgrade? Dissapointed. That said, I will be buying it. It is a great smartwatch, it's just not an impressive upgrade considering they've had two years to do so.

  • carolcheny
    carolcheny  a years ago

    so those features are all software updates available for S3?
    cuz i just bought an S3

  • Yu Le
    Yu Le  a years ago

    Can it control my TV as a remote. Like my note4??

  • M.Rütten
    M.Rütten  a years ago

    Triathloner ......

  • Diogo Magalhães
    Diogo Magalhães  a years ago

    No one is explaining what is actually different from the frontier and this one (besides waterproof and sensors). Are we not getting the same software features on the S3 frontier?

  • Jahalia Imes
    Jahalia Imes  a years ago

    Does this watch play music without having phone? If not it's not such a great improvement

  • Fredrik Seglem
    Fredrik Seglem  a years ago

    How is the sound quality on spotify? Paired my s3 to my headphones and noticed a difference. I'm using a Sony wh-1000xm2 with LDAC and sound quality set to very high

  • douchebagel
    douchebagel  a years ago

    good reviewer

  • George Tawadros
    George Tawadros  a years ago

    People are disappointed that mst isn’t on the watch and that nfc still is, one question, what is mst and nfc? Also, how waterproof is this watch? Like the Apple Watch is 50 meters waterproof, so is the gear sport, and a few watches are 200 meters, how much is the galaxy watch