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  • Published on:  Friday, January 19, 2018
  • First 200 People Get 20% Off: Curiosity Box: PO Box: PO Box 33168 L.A. CA 90033 ***Click "SHOW MORE" for links to DONGs***Show More (0:20) Internet Live Stats (0:32) Twin Finder (1:02) How Many Days Have I Lived (1:23) Mystery Animal (1:39) Game (2:09) Salvage (2:28) Nonogram (2:47) Random Dog (3:08) A Song (3:19) ***CREDITS***Hosted byMichael StevensWritten and Edited byHannah Canetti( VFX byEric Langlay( by Jake Chudnow(***VSAUCE LINKS***Vsauce1:


  • Hudson Louie
    Hudson Louie  a years ago +386

    “Hey. I’d like to let you guys inside...
    My D.O.N.G”

  • Elion Maters
    Elion Maters  a years ago +230

    Hey Vsauce
    But what is sauce? *Music intensifies*

  • Kenjoda
    Kenjoda  a years ago +344

    I'm about to leave for work but I need to see some big juicy D.O.N.G.S

  • Gunnar Young
    Gunnar Young  a years ago +50


  • ザ・ワールド!
    ザ・ワールド!  a years ago +65

    tommorow will be my 4000th day alive!

  • Javier Solis
    Javier Solis  a years ago +114

    What about PornHub active users?

  • metalhood
    metalhood  a years ago +27

    2:47 The nonogram daily level goes on endlessly into the past, for fun I've scrolled to the right for like 4 minutes and I highly doubt that this website already existedes in 1999 :D (roughly 6500 levels until there)

  • abababbb
    abababbb  a years ago +6

    Michael I don't think it's a good idea to share sites that mine bitcoin in the background

  • purple haze
    purple haze  a years ago +13

    that .ch makes me as a swiss proud

  • Mat2095
    Mat2095  a years ago +14

    Loop-a-Song: or you can just rightclick on a YouTube video and select loop. Probably easier. Probably.

  • DaDopeMasta
    DaDopeMasta  a years ago +7

    Why do you need a loop-website when you can just right click the video and then click loop?

  • epic memes
    epic memes  a years ago +22

    you can just right click a video and theres a loop button xD

  • Kals
    Kals  a years ago +1

    Happy birthday in 12 days

  • Emery Southgate
    Emery Southgate  a years ago

    I am going to check out ZTYPE and others

  • hellokristel
    hellokristel  a years ago +10

    The mystery animal game is so infuriating- the voice is faster than the text, so you need to wait for the text to catch up, it keeps mishearing me so I waste questions, and whenever you start a new round it replays the entire intro sequence. It's not that good of a game. I played it four times, and it said it was a raccoon two of those times. Sorry Google, I think this one might need a bit of work.

  • P V
    P V  a years ago +3

    In twin finder I matched Steven Paddock to Danny DeVito by 72%

  • Nana
    Nana  a years ago +7

    what is that toy that you're playing with? looks cool!

  • ErrorCode
    ErrorCode  a years ago +1

    Your telling me I can play voltorb flip online, HELL YA BOYS

    SUPREME  a years ago +2

    How big is your DONG

  • Vomit
    Vomit  a years ago +1

    I want Michael "Vsauce" Stevens' D.O.N.G