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  • Published on:  Friday, January 19, 2018
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    Show More (0:20)

    Internet Live Stats (0:32)

    Twin Finder (1:02)

    How Many Days Have I Lived (1:23)

    Mystery Animal (1:39)

    XYZ Game (2:09)

    Salvage (2:28)

    Nonogram (2:47)

    Random Dog (3:08)

    Loop A Song (3:19)


    Hosted by
    Michael Stevens

    Written and Edited by
    Hannah Canetti

    VFX by
    Eric Langlay

    Music by Jake Chudnow

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  • Pear Head
    Pear Head  3 months ago

    tried that 20 questions. Asked if an amphibian. Said no. Asked if reptile. Yes. Live in water? Yes. Shell? No. Croc, Gator. No, no and that was ur 20th question. Was frog.

  • lfc_nicholas
    lfc_nicholas  7 months ago

    Like for Andre-Pierre Gignac photo

  • AngryWhiteMan
    AngryWhiteMan  a years ago

    I like how the DONG at the start says there is 3 billion people that have the internet when DESPACITO has 5.5 BILLION VIEWS

  • Agent Shot
    Agent Shot  a years ago

    1:17 IT'S AINSLEY

  • Shiwang Srivastava

    these dongs are insane.. love them

  • Sana Afreen
    Sana Afreen  a years ago

    Hey, Nice Video i have found something similar in a webpage

  • Hel ved
    Hel ved  a years ago

    on the one if you fill the entire page with "more" it will turn into "less"

  • ErrorCode
    ErrorCode  a years ago +1

    Your telling me I can play voltorb flip online, HELL YA BOYS

  • JustTheBasics Music

    Im a TIGRES fan. I see Gignac at 1:16 and I like the video.

  • Praecantetia
    Praecantetia  a years ago

    showmore- wait oh. that's what happends if you windback to check the url

  • Piemaker
    Piemaker  a years ago

    1:17 Ainsley?

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier  a years ago

    According to the twin finder, I matched with John Cena, 84%

  • cj czki
    cj czki  a years ago

    Why are the periods in the intro of D.O.N.G. connected to the N and the G but not the D or the O? My OCD is killing me, please fix it!!!!!!!!

  • Megan F
    Megan F  a years ago

  • WonderfulFilms
    WonderfulFilms  a years ago


  • Matej Sedláček
    Matej Sedláček  a years ago

    Hey guys, has anybody completized the full list of these links? Like from all DONGS ever. I know vsauce made one on his own channel but cannot find it for this one

  • GD SaurmaneX
    GD SaurmaneX  a years ago

    1.26 billion IG photos this year and only a handful are actually good

  • Jay X Animations
    Jay X Animations  a years ago

    Wait everything says six days ago but it said it was live 8 minutes ago relatively

  • Jay X Animations
    Jay X Animations  a years ago

    Oof i missed it

  • Bruno Ramírez
    Bruno Ramírez  a years ago +1

    1:16 Gignac, is that you?