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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
  • Watch all the amazing auditions including Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent 2018 (WEEK 3). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below...


    ▶︎ Courtney Hadwin:

    ▶︎ Samuel J. Comroe:

    ▶︎ Hans:

    ▶︎ Ms. Trysh:

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    ▶︎ The Future Kingz:

    ▶︎ Sethward:

    ▶︎ Noah Guthrie:

    ▶︎ Sixto & Lucia:

    ▶︎ Sophie Fatu:

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  • Underrated Critic
    Underrated Critic  2 months ago

    I'm surprised they didn't buzz that caterpillar guy as soon as he opened his mouth.

  • Edward Fogarty
    Edward Fogarty  2 months ago

    I can't believe that Courtney Hadwin coming to agt brought out so much hate in America a sweet talented young lady from Britain who loved early American rock, and all the haters in this country came out to destroy any chance she had to win in 2017

  • Diesel Hogs
    Diesel Hogs  3 months ago +2

    The caterpillar guy joke was the best! 😂 I love all the acts he has done. My favorite is the walrus😂😂

  • Hunter TheGreat
    Hunter TheGreat  3 months ago

    the little girl with the pink dress was absolute precious like a doll!! who agrees? she was absolute adorable

  • Yukami Uchú
    Yukami Uchú  4 months ago +1

    look you can sing 100 times AND STILL BE NERVOUS in front of an audience
    its normal
    guys this 13 yr old, you can see a spirit legit possesses her when she sings and that spirit is Janis Joplin

  • Cameron Gallup
    Cameron Gallup  5 months ago

    BGT is better

  • LeJokdoubleR TDK
    LeJokdoubleR TDK  6 months ago

    Name first guy pleeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!!

  • The Cat Ate My Shoe
    The Cat Ate My Shoe  6 months ago +1

    Who is the first one? I MUST KNOW!

    GACHA GAMING  6 months ago

    17:07 Simon just wink!!

  • Kryptonit 364
    Kryptonit 364  6 months ago

    Enable subz, go to 4:51. Wtf?

  • Serilda Nightflare
    Serilda Nightflare  6 months ago

    Courtney: Oh my god!!!
    Her Dad: So proud.
    Janitor: Well hecc.

  • Lester Smart
    Lester Smart  6 months ago +1

    Last one the best!!!!!

  • Kiran Asif
    Kiran Asif  6 months ago

    Courtney iz my love 💖💖😍

  • 高橋幸雄
    高橋幸雄  7 months ago


  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez  7 months ago +1

    That little girl kicked off and I couldn't help think of Janis Joplin. Apparently Howie and I thought the same thing 😂

  • Jake Terry
    Jake Terry  7 months ago

    that last guy was amazing he took a song and made it his own which I rarely like usually I like the original or whichever version I hear first but I liked both his version and Rihannas version

  • Jake Terry
    Jake Terry  7 months ago

    21:02 Oh come on you cant just throw such an adorable little girl out on the stage in front of us of course youd have to give her the golden buzzer just based on how cute she was. Also did they give her the golden buzzer gah they left so many questions open

  • Be yourself or leave
    Be yourself or leave  7 months ago

    Last one's name please ?

  • Jenn Strauser
    Jenn Strauser  7 months ago

    Courtney Hadwin is Janice Joplin reincarnated

  • Mumtak ngupok
    Mumtak ngupok  8 months ago

    ooowwww... the second one just kill it...😱😱