Spike Lee - "BlacKkKlansman" and Fighting the Rise of Racism in the Trump Era | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Director Spike Lee discusses the modern-day relevance of "BlacKkKlansman," his film based on the true story of a black police officer who infiltrated the KKK in the 1970s.

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  • Jahmier Quayson
    Jahmier Quayson  5 days ago

    It’s sad we how we speak about the president like this but yet he does it to himself but feeds off it

  • rhyme hustle
    rhyme hustle  21 days ago

    Is Spike Lee rocking Black Pyramids by Chris Brown?

  • Winston Virgo
    Winston Virgo  21 days ago

    Tell it bro spike.I was at your block party for do Tha right thing.in 19 had a great time.I hope I can come every yr.Rem back then in early 90s Tha 🎥 X had us were hats with Tha bro Malcolm on it.Never farget those time wen u made Bedstuy Hollywood.And made Tha world looks at our Racial and social issues.Peace take care bro.God Rasheem Ebbets fields finest.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes  21 days ago

    Spike Lee don't you know by NOW that TRUMP IS AMERICA,,,, WHAT HAS CHANGED SINCE 1964,, EVERYTHING IS WORST.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes  21 days ago

    White Racist Supremacy knew what and who Trump is,,, And they still put him in the WH,,,I am not fooled by these White Folks , They are pretending they hate Trump.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes  21 days ago

    Trump is America, they put him in the WH, Trump is what America is, these White want him there,

  • TV33 On Demand
    TV33 On Demand  21 days ago +1

    R.J. Watken's
    Arib Muhammad... I need to see you Brother Spike Lee I need his Address, Maybe he can , they can use what we already Have Africa Song I created Help us now...….

  • Freddy
    Freddy  21 days ago

    I changed the video after he talked about voting...voting are you serious spike the people have no say so who enters into the White House..fuckin fake celebrities

  • Xtermin8r187 B
    Xtermin8r187 B  1 months ago +1

    Movie was really good but the trump stuff was unnecessary

    He’s not racist you idiots his wife has a thick foreign accent ffs

  • Saran The Wrap God
    Saran The Wrap God  1 months ago

    Too bad nigga supports Kamala and dumped Bernie

  • Deb Libra
    Deb Libra  1 months ago

    I dislike calling his name also. Sorry Busta & Spike but I'm using this agent orange going forward. Don't worry media is going to eat crow for the next year. People are going to show them we fight for what we love. I still love AAmerica but she has a whore in the white house. Con artist to the max ... conning the crap out of a certain segment of this country.

    MAKAYAH YASHARALA  1 months ago

    Damn black don't crack!!!! Spike is 61 yrs old!!! Wow we are blessed by the creator himself.

  • Steve McQueen
    Steve McQueen  1 months ago +1

    When two black racists get togethor nothing can stop them. Except the reality of truth and when it comes time to do the right thing.

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker  1 months ago

    Spike!! Tulsi gabbard for president 2020 donate.

  • Cool Sundae
    Cool Sundae  1 months ago

    I love spike Lee

  • Ashley Cobb
    Ashley Cobb  1 months ago

    As a black person im still confused as too what I thought about the movie. It wasn’t enjoyable in any form. However I don’t think that it was intended to be. But I still wasn’t sure as to what I was suppose to get from it. It almost glamorized the kkk.

  • Chez Nashi
    Chez Nashi  1 months ago

    True story: 👱🏻‍♀️people where I work in Fayetteville, Tn got mad at me because they didn’t know who Spike Lee is 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • ciprianbujor26
    ciprianbujor26  1 months ago

    I hope you understand how powerful you are, Trevor. We’re from Eastern Europe and we sat down, and we watched the movie and we now know a litlle more than we did yesterday...And you’re getting in our houses and our minds buddy...Places, far, far away! You BIG man! RESPECT!

  • Mokie White
    Mokie White  1 months ago


  • shesaknitter
    shesaknitter  2 months ago

    Ex-husband's nephew was black and traveled with his white girlfriend to her equally white grandpa's home for an extended visit. He and that grandpa, a raging racist by all accounts, became fast friends. Grandpa was blind. No one told him that Jason was black. He thought the whole time that Jason had hung the Moon. My favorite example of the absurdity of racism. Would that it was only absurd. It is also dangerous. Vote, and vote blue, no matter who. And while you still can.