Cheap Salvage Auction Audi RS7 Came with 800HP & $15k in Hidden Mods

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • I had NO clue when I bid on my Audi RS7 that it would come with so many amazing modifications. Here is a history of the car when it was new to now...

    Audi RS7 Playlist:

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  • Raul Budi
    Raul Budi  a years ago +2465

    Samcrac the only guy to do a google search and find the owner of his salvage car

  • Quinn Mangum
    Quinn Mangum  3 days ago

    Have you tried rockauto.con

  • GetToasted
    GetToasted  3 days ago

    what does a radar detector do? (other than what the name says ;D )

  • kseal25
    kseal25  5 days ago

    Delivery guy stole that exhaust... I just watched the delivery guy video that kept telling him he had a RX7 and wouldn’t leave it... This just keeps getting better... Done with this channel

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson  7 days ago

    Dam son. You made out like a bandito.

  • Ridley Shurandy Daniel

    jah right, thats not your car on google

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith  14 days ago

    Great Looking RS7. I am jealous. You did good.

  • wirenut003
    wirenut003  14 days ago

    You are like the car detective of finding stuff about the car your buying, very good info you got on your Audi RS7

  • Dolf Brouwers
    Dolf Brouwers  28 days ago

    Much better than that Range Rover 😜👍

  • Dio Santana
    Dio Santana  2 months ago

    just thinking about Midpipes stored in the trunk of an RS7 makes me laugh

  • caged lion
    caged lion  2 months ago

    What yr what engine and want to sell it

  • Samuel Ernst
    Samuel Ernst  2 months ago


  • Rs7 Type
    Rs7 Type  3 months ago

    My 2018 Audi A7 prestige was totaled. Aug 10th and totaled

    MARK SHANE  3 months ago

    Make sure the previous owner dose not have the spear key.

  • marlboroman
    marlboroman  4 months ago

    $10,000 if anybody pays that amount but I dont think they are really worth that much

  • Oliver Maksimovic
    Oliver Maksimovic  4 months ago

    I hate the way how you move your mouth

  • Speed pro motors Sti
    Speed pro motors Sti  4 months ago

    Dude same thing happened to me lol

  • Speed pro motors Sti
    Speed pro motors Sti  4 months ago

    Salvage action have better deals than any other part But there it comes lots of idiots. Aah is salvage is junk. Who cares longest is better deal

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell  4 months ago

    800 hp damn

  • Bro Fest
    Bro Fest  4 months ago