Cheap Salvage Auction Audi RS7 Came with 800HP & $15k in Hidden Mods



  • Raul Budi
    Raul Budi  2 months ago +2031

    Samcrac the only guy to do a google search and find the owner of his salvage car

    • Paul Allen
      Paul Allen  2 months ago +1

      Esquire i hope you get cancer and die, asshole.

    • Swordie100
      Swordie100  2 months ago +1

      Some people are just said when it comes to the next owner of the car, like for example why not give security codes and stuff if you have them.. Fucking lunatics.

    • crazymicah123
      crazymicah123  2 months ago +2

      I found to previous owner of my buddies Jeep in youtube

    • Chris Gunn
      Chris Gunn  2 months ago +1

      B is for build also met the previous owner of his BRZ by searching for the missing exhaust, now the previous is now a regular on the channel.

    • MiGujack3
      MiGujack3  2 months ago +1

      ChrisFix did it on it's mustang lol

  • ok ok
    ok ok  3 days ago

    What website you go on to look at them cars for sale

  • Willem P
    Willem P  6 days ago

    Man you speak to mutch...Whats with the Audi??

  • roony844
    roony844  6 days ago

    This is no coincidence lol the guy was waiting for you to turn up from somewhere to buy the extra parts.. hah

  • roony844
    roony844  6 days ago

    Believe me or not lol I know for a fact it is ahha the past owner is not stupid lol.. fair play to him lovely motor!! If you’re reading this enjoy you’re cheque buddy & you’re rental rs7 to put you on ha

  • roony844
    roony844  6 days ago

    WAIT A MINUTE LOL.... This car was for sale right before the total then right? Hahahahah 100% insurance job..

  • roony844
    roony844  6 days ago

    It’s a small world! Ha

  • Robert Carrillo
    Robert Carrillo  8 days ago

    Go GATORS!

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne  8 days ago

    14:13 is that's the same car it says "Quattro" in the grill.

  • TrackNation MF
    TrackNation MF  8 days ago

    So how much did he buy it for?

  • John Charnley
    John Charnley  15 days ago

    I would have went with the Akrapovic RS7 exhaust. I installed an Inconel 625 exhaust on my 2015 Audi RS5. If you ever purchase a salvage 2015 RS5 I have some parts for U!

  • flibjabber
    flibjabber  15 days ago

    But how much did you pay for this car?

  • Tristaaaaan
    Tristaaaaan  17 days ago

    10:10 this moment, when you see some parts made in your little town in Germany :D

  • Robin S
    Robin S  18 days ago

    The car smells?! Really wtf dude

  • alex cantlow
    alex cantlow  19 days ago

    Ngl rs7 is a sick new shape

  • Azoron _
    Azoron _  19 days ago

    I think thats the best thing that I have heard in a while: replacement RS7 @6:28

  • D
    D  20 days ago

    So how much did he spend? Lol

  • D
    D  20 days ago

    Why wouldn’t the owner just fix the car?

  • Alpine Play
    Alpine Play  20 days ago

    Ok lemme see u run it!

  • Paul Petkoff
    Paul Petkoff  21 days ago

    So you gonna post the song name in your precious RS7 video?