Witness Says Black SUV Cruised Iowa Neighborhood Night Mollie Tibbetts Vanished

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • The night Mollie Tibbetts vanished from the small Iowa town where she was staying with her boyfriend, a black SUV was spotted cruising slowly around the area, a witness said. A woman who lives a block away from the house where Tibbetts was watching her boyfriend’s dog said she saw the vehicle, which she deemed suspicious, circling the area between 11:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. Tibbetts was last seen jogging in Brooklyn on July 18.


  • Gray Barchetta  (Aug 6, 2018))

    That's a minivan not a SUV

  • Polyglot Pablo  (Aug 6, 2018))

    The police should check the records for whoever owns that kind of vehicle within the neighborhood or within 50 miles of where the vehicle was seen, question the owners and their background, closing the net with time

  • Dominique Freeman  (Aug 22, 2018))

    Banksy NOPE they have the illegal immigrant in custody who took them to her dead body...so sad.

  • Andrew Glinski  (Aug 6, 2018))

    As a hobby a drive around and try to give kids candy, they all go running away screaming. Anybody know why? People these days, so rude.

  • Martha Bck  (Aug 27, 2018))

    Andrew Glinski ... there a lot psychos and pedophiles out there. I wouldn’t let my granddaughter to run to a vehicle with a stranger 👹

  • MotorHead Tech  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Unfortunately she's prob dead, otherwise by now if she was kidnapped there would have already been a ransom

  • Jayde Hood  (Aug 23, 2018))

    She is dead

  • Eric Arroyo  (Aug 23, 2018))

    NA ME The comment is 2 weeks old dumbass

  • User Name  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Van, says SUV in the title....

  • Uncle Pablo  (Aug 21, 2018))

    Jody - Roblox & More nobody cares, go play roblox kid

  • Lydia Rodriguez  (Aug 17, 2018))

    Zoë Rae Yeah its sad my condolences to this Molly's family hoping she will be found.

  • Morgan yo  (Aug 6, 2018))

    I hope they find her!! May god be with everybody effected by this

  • Madou Dialo  (Aug 22, 2018))

    She dead

  • Anthony ././  (Aug 22, 2018))

    Yep she was found in a field. A alien helped the authorities find her. I doubt it’s just that one guy. Give it a week and more information will come out like how did she die, was she raped, did she try to defend herself

  • Wutangkilla1  (Aug 6, 2018))


  • Leland Matt  (Aug 22, 2018))

    cause it was bs

  • darkespeon64  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Always carry a weapon

  • tsm_blake mcawesome  (Sep 5, 2018))

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  • Jayde Hood  (Aug 23, 2018))

    I carry a sharp pencil

  • Mike MakesRight  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Everyone always blames the pig farmer

  • Just Kool  (Oct 18, 2018))

    Mike MakesRight lol

  • GODFREE HOUSTONA  (Sep 19, 2018))

    Lmao !!!

  • Thunder Lord Pikachu  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Lie detector tests aren't creditable.