Calm Piano Music & Beautiful Instrumental Music with Birds Singing, Warter's Sound

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • Calm Piano Music & Beautiful Instrumental Music with Birds Singing, Warter's Sound


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    Track list:
    0:00:00 Floating on dreams
    0:03:02 Mist
    0:07:01 Lonely River
    0:11:42 Summer wind is cool
    0:15:41 Fresh Moon
    0:19:26 That summer, the sun was just right
    0:21:56 Fallen
    0:24:38 Cliff House
    0:28:38 You look a bit sweet
    0:32:38 listen again . . . ^_^


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  • Juan Garay
    Juan Garay  9 months ago

    Those birds are really annoying...

  • Chhaly Samsokrith
    Chhaly Samsokrith  10 months ago

    0:11:42 Summer wind is cool / who is the artist?

  • Your local Crusader
    Your local Crusader  10 months ago

    love the effect XD

  • 呆呆喵
    呆呆喵  11 months ago


  • 제이엠
    제이엠  11 months ago


  • Kim Koala22
    Kim Koala22  11 months ago

    Thx so much! Your music is definitely a good stress reliever since final exams are approaching.

  • チュソウジェイソン

    I Love you 😻😽

  • Ana Carolina Murad
    Ana Carolina Murad  11 months ago

    Sooooo relaxing! <3

  • みさち
    みさち  11 months ago +3


  • Justin Jet Zorbas
    Justin Jet Zorbas  11 months ago +1

    I love the sound of nature. <3

  • 色づく世界の明日から

    I love your channel, I have notifications on so I won't miss any new uploads. It's much easier to study when listening to these pieces.

  • Adam Jimenez
    Adam Jimenez  11 months ago +6

    Happy December everyone.

  • Dawn Sunset
    Dawn Sunset  11 months ago +1

    Omg Thank you soo much! These music literally makes me soo happy!

  • raifrangs
    raifrangs  11 months ago +1

    Nice musics, God bless us

  • RCH - Piano
    RCH - Piano  11 months ago +1

    Nicely played! I also play the piano if anyone'd like to check me out, I'd appreciate it a lot!

  • Scared Hornby
    Scared Hornby  11 months ago

    Possibly the best channel for music! I love that the only advertisements happen before the videos, it makes it so much easier to enjoy such beautiful music!

  • Anna Anderson
    Anna Anderson  11 months ago +2

    Good job 👍👍 Thank you so much The soul of Wind 🌷🌷🌷

  • best scene
    best scene  11 months ago

    you know, I'm listening to this in front of the window and drinking coffee and looking at rainy weather at the same time at Tokyo 😊😊

  • Ani lim
    Ani lim  11 months ago +2

    Beautiful Instrument piano music

  • Helen Hall
    Helen Hall  11 months ago +2

    Great 🎧 👍Thanks 🌷🌷🌷