EXO 엑소 "Love Shot" MV

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • EXO's the 5th album repackage "LOVE SHOT" is out!
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/EXO_LOVESHOT

    01 Love Shot
    02 Tempo
    03 트라우마 (Trauma)
    04 Wait
    05 Sign
    06 닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La)
    07 Gravity
    08 가끔 (With You)
    09 24/7
    10 후폭풍 (Bad Dream)
    11 Damage
    12 여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face)
    13 오아시스 (Oasis)
    14 宣告 (Love Shot)
    15 节奏 (Tempo)

    EXO Official

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    EXO 엑소 'Love Shot' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • blooming blood  (5 days ago))

    The eve : who are you?Love Shot : I'm you but in a MV

  • •K-DA_ OnceArmy•  (26 minutes ago))


  • EXO-L, Don't give up voting for EXO at BBMA !

  • Phương Ngọc Nguyễn  (54 minutes ago))

    +Cynthia XD no war !

  • +Cynthia XD yes we armys will vote for BTS. Exo-ls will vote for EXO and aghases will vote for GOT7. But dont comment this in an EXO comment section. It is quite disrespectful and can cause fanwars.

  • Indian EXO L  (2 days ago))

    EXO L we are loosing in BBMAs please let's go and vote for EXO you can also vote in website 100/per account

  • Indian EXO L  (3 hours ago))

    +KIM SEOK JIN yeah so go celebrate on bts mv not here

  • cynthia harris  (2 days ago))

    y'all i love this fandom so muchexo and exo-l's forever 😤

  • Jimena Zarate  (1 hour ago))

    cynthia harris please Vote for Exo in the BBMA!

  • lam 31  (2 days ago))

    Exol be faster we want go to 150m in this mounth we can do it

  • coffeetae  (Dec 13, 2018))

    My first EXO comeback and i love their songs they are so good EXO-L Fighting! <3

  • Jimena Zarate  (1 hour ago))

    coffeetae please Vote for Exo in the BBMA!!!

  • Mistumi  (1 day ago))

    EXO as artists always make us proud. EXO-Ls as fans, please make EXO proud. Vote on Billboard website and twitter. Don't be lazy.

  • aznita ahmad  (1 day ago))

    Want to see minseok on the stage before enlist..Vote EXO on BBMA.EXO-L we can do it.. fighting!!!

  • EEESTHER  (1 hour ago))

    aznita ahmad let’s goooo!

  • Fan Doms  (3 days ago))

    exo will never not be hot. They could be 80 and I'd still be attracted asf

  • Mira  (2 days ago))

    Exo-L's you have no idea how proud and happy I am to be in this fandom *family* !<3 Please keep str3aming this and Tempo and Chen's Beautiful Goodbye too, and don't forget to vote on BBMAS as well! *Also take care of your health and don't push yourselves too much* ! I'm multitasking as heck here lol. WE ARE ONE!

  • Jimena Zarate  (1 hour ago))

    Mira please Vote for Exo in the BBMA!

  • Mira  (9 hours ago))

    +Jenie Rose Byun Got it :)