$1 Street Food Around The World



  • meowmeow pusheen
    meowmeow pusheen  16 minutes ago +1

    I wanna see street food from the Philippines

  • vidi prosgaming
    vidi prosgaming  27 minutes ago


  • Muqeet Ameer
    Muqeet Ameer  an hour ago

    I want street foods from Pakistan

  • 0bunuga
    0bunuga  an hour ago

    In Philippines 1pesos you can get 1candies

  • Nurwan Rachman
    Nurwan Rachman  an hour ago +1

    In indonesia 1$ or equal 15.000 in rupiah, you can get a glass of sweet iced tea and a plate of rice with 2 side dish on warteg kharisma bahari yang udah buka cabang ampe gabisa diitung pake jari anj

  • Curtain
    Curtain  an hour ago

    I love how the first guy is so happy for his work

  • Teddy Scherzinger
    Teddy Scherzinger  an hour ago

    I tried buying a hot dog on a Filipino 7/11 and they are soooo cheap. It's around 0.27 cents.

  • Boxo Bro
    Boxo Bro  2 hours ago

    The One From India Looks Really Good

  • kawaii RainbowPlayz
    kawaii RainbowPlayz  2 hours ago +1

    You guys Are so sweet! Because I feel bad for the people who made food so someone will buy but You buyed it! I'm thankful! I'm not also dramitic i just want people should be Fair so If your rich they should be rich too if you want to hate Please leave me alone

  • Elvie Vanguardia
    Elvie Vanguardia  2 hours ago

    Ohh you haven't seen Philippines! In $1 you can buy a lot of street foods.

  • Clayspo
    Clayspo  2 hours ago

    Damm Indian street food looks yummy would love to go to Mumbai some day!

  • Galaxy Skyz
    Galaxy Skyz  2 hours ago

    Wow now i want indian food 🤤

  • elvis cocho :v
    elvis cocho :v  3 hours ago

    In Venezuela, 1 dollar is like, YOU CAN BUY ENTIRE CARACAS (I'm a Venezuelan xd)

  • Aakash Baniya
    Aakash Baniya  3 hours ago

    Where is nepal

  • Dog_ Lover
    Dog_ Lover  3 hours ago +2

    In Philippines if you Have 1₱ you Can Buy *Piece Of Candy*
    1$ However in The U.S.A If You Buy it In The Philippines you Can Get *54 Candies* 😑
    Or Actually A Restaurant's Dish So.............

  • Cute_Doggo _Warrior

    The thing they bought in Spain is also a popular breakfast food in China.

  • Wish Anime
    Wish Anime  4 hours ago +1

    In Malaysia U Can Buy Anything With 1Dollar

  • 천사Angel
    천사Angel  5 hours ago

    this thing called 'porra' in spain literally means cum in portuguese

  • iinglol 47t
    iinglol 47t  5 hours ago

    Where is indonesia?! 😰😰😭😥😢😱😨😓

  • hyungwon Chae
    hyungwon Chae  5 hours ago

    Pork buns are good