LINDA! - Toro 🏵

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • A Homework Radio collaboration with the wonderful LINDA! & Cake Records 🍰Find Cake Records on Spotify: LINDA! on Spotify: Cake Records website: channel is not monetized. If you would like to help me continue doing the work I do, this is the absolute best way - Just $1/£1 a month makes a huge difference! 💜 you enjoyed this video be sure to 👍 & Subscribe!Comments and critique are welcome!There's nothing that makes me happier than creating videos for you to enjoy. Youtube Please read this:⚠ This video upload is an agreed project between Homework Radio and Cake Records to produce a completely unique piece of media not found anywhere else online. Therefor it is original content and cannot be classed as "Duplication, Reused and/or non-original content". The Homework Radio Youtube channel and its videos serve a practical purpose for the music industry, especially up and coming indie artists. It also serves the purpose of giving artists a platform to promote and share their visual pieces while promoting critique by the listeners. Homework Radio's uploads are appreciated by the Youtube audience and give's them a location to listen to a vast selection of music while studying. Any and all video cuts, edits and effects are curated and applied by Homework Radio. Should copyrighted media be found within our videos it will not be contested in anyway with the revenue going to the contents owner via Youtube's Content ID feature even when usage is agreed - Homework Radio should be allowed in the YPP with monetization enabled.#revision #lofi #homework #jazzhop #chill #chillout #chillmusic #studymusic #studybeats #lovemusic #gamingmusic #relaxingradio #homeworkmusic #homework #homework #motivation


  • Galary_ Na  2 months ago

    So so beautiful 😍🏵️

  • J Nuy  2 months ago

    It's amazingly beautiful!💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

  • Veredictor  2 months ago


  • Ashley Mcaig  2 months ago

    Yesterday I was on my scooterand I accidentally got hurt I landed on my face by accident my face my knee my belly my hand my elbow it hurts so bad 😭I pray to God to heal it but today i didn't want to go to school today because of my face it feels like I got attacked my wild animalsand people will make fun of me and I don't want to go but I'll take exams if I stay to long I don't want to take examswell I hope I feel better soon 🤕🤧gimme love and hugs kisses 🤗😘😘💋Thank you

  • Patrick Adams  2 months ago

    Much prayer

  • Abid H  2 months ago

    @Ashley Mcaig Get Well Soon ❤️

  • Patrick Adams  2 months ago

    It's like a cup of sweet tea 😎

  • prodbytobi  2 months ago


  • Ley Friend  2 months ago

    Very good!