Here's What We Know About The 2023 Toyota 4Runner [6 gen]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 11, 2021
  • #Toyota4Runner #4Runner #TRDPro

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    6th gen


    Produced in Japan now and could stay there, but could be moved to San Antonnnn because they’re moving the Tacoma production out of San Anton

    Don’t worry about reliability with moving production to US. Lots of other Toyota Lexus models built in the US have hit 1M miles

    Let’s talk power:
    No more N/A v6
    Turbo 4 banger instead
    2.4L turbo 4 making over 280hp
    Turbo torque boosts numbers to 310 lbft
    Towing 5000 lbs
    Mpg jump to low 20s jut with the motor
    Then hopefully something like an 8 speed gearbox could push even to mid 20s

    This would be the base engine that’s the most likely.

    Interestingly enough the outgoing model you got the same engine across all trims, but new gen, new platform, new powertrains could mean choices

    We will 100% get a hybrid - if not in the first year it will eventually

    There’s the hybrid 4 banger from the highlander, but that makes even less power than the outgoing 4runner, but gets 36 mpg

    There’s a hybrid v6 in the Lexus RX making over 300 hp with something like 30 mpg

    Most likely we’ll see the base 2.4T get a hybrid assist bringing power up to something like 320 hp and 390 lbft
    Fuel economy would jump to over mid 20s
    And towing would improve up toward something like 7500 lbs

    These things that I just over are the most likely given Toyota’s conservative business practices. A turbo 2.4 would be in lower trims like SR5s and base TRD offroads. Something around 35-36 grand as MSRP makes sense

    Then jumping to things like TRD offroad premium, Limited, and TRD Pro those would get the hybrid 2.4 motor and probably fall between 40 and 50k

    Now let’s venture into the speculation zone a little bit. Toyota is slow to adapt and that’s why they have their reliable cult following, but everyone is being pushed toward EV

    so maybe we see something like a 4Runner PRIME PHEV
    Same 2.4T
    20kWh battery
    350 hp, 500 lbft, 8500 lbs towing
    30 miles full EV
    I’d be super down with this - maybe a bigger battery and some onboard generator stuff

    Then there’s something that seems a little far-fetched, but maybe not as crazy as you think.
    We just saw blueprints on the Land Cruiser for a GR start button suggesting a big power version
    A big power GR 4Runner or maybe they call it the GR Trailhunter could get something like a TTV6 3.5L
    10 speed auto
    400 hp
    475 lbft
    8500lbs towing
    20 mpg