15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 26, 2019
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    From an unbelievable 700 pound snake to the biggest crocodile you’ll ever see, get ready to see 15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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  • Carol Goerke
    Carol Goerke  3 hours ago

    Yes, the shark should have been put back into the water. Did the man who caught the shark use it for food? If not, toss the fish back into the water. Trophy animals aren’t cool!

  • Jay Outen
    Jay Outen  7 hours ago

    The snake is probably not real because the people were just laughing and not paying any attention to the snake

  • Elijah J Craddock
    Elijah J Craddock  7 hours ago +1


  • FlameCat11
    FlameCat11  9 hours ago

    #missingtopic fake no pointing or runing is going on in the photo maybe the extinct titanabowa

  • larry dube
    larry dube  10 hours ago

    If any kind of animal gets to the size the shark or any of these examples i think you should let them finish their lives, if not why are we not killing our old.... such ignorant people, leave the animals be, its ok if you have a small member, you cant have theirs

  • Aia Sicad
    Aia Sicad  11 hours ago

    i think it is real

  • Horseyhugs & Reiki Love

    Insint death

  • Kim Tinte
    Kim Tinte  17 hours ago

    Darius is a Netherland giant rabbit...its a specific breed... they can weigh between 15-25 lbs

  • Kath Rhyl
    Kath Rhyl  19 hours ago


  • Jaxon Buzzell
    Jaxon Buzzell  21 hours ago +1

    Oh that thing ain’t real

  • Catherine Carl
    Catherine Carl  22 hours ago

    The spiders around 17:00? My guess is art installation or halloween prank.

  • Brice Haberle
    Brice Haberle  yesterday

    #missing topics it is super fake tombara is extinct

  • Janet Nickerson

    Missing topics# I hope it's not real I hate snake's

  • Jayden Pena
    Jayden Pena  yesterday

    #missingtopic it's fake because it is too " wet " to be real

  • RE-man Vision
    RE-man Vision  yesterday

    The big snake is sooooo photoshop fake, you guys need better fact checkers!

  • Daniel Peterson

    But they did find them in South America.

  • J_For Freedom
    J_For Freedom  yesterday

    nobody knows how big and old a anaconda can live or become... could be possible that it would grow over and hundred feet long if let alone long enough... but that picture is fake... 1 its the size of a dinorsaur snake... 2nd... with all those prey near him... that picture would have been more bloody.

  • kate bolton
    kate bolton  yesterday

    The snake in the photo is real

  • Ted Poland
    Ted Poland  2 days ago

    This is crazy as fuck

  • soundwave Ivan
    soundwave Ivan  2 days ago

    New York and Florida rats are naturally those size if you see a small dog waddling down the street good chance it’s a rat before a raccoon