Photographing 300+mph NHRA Drag Cars During Testing - Right into Golden Hour

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
  • Thanks to Larry, we're blessed with some pointers on how to snap photos of professional drag cars with horsepower figures well into the five digit range. That ain't easy for most of us peasants. But Larry knows what's up - and he's gonna give some pointers and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the highest horsepower machines on the planet.

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  • Hoonigan AutoFocus
    Hoonigan AutoFocus  4 months ago +18

    If you were to get granted an all access pass to only one race in the world, what race would you choose?

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake  2 months ago

    @9:48 what in the hell is that guy doing😳🧐🏴‍☠️ Larry Is the man💪🏼

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake  3 months ago

    Thanks for this vid!!! Now when people ask what I do I have this bad ass video to show them💪🏼😎HOON🚀

  • D G
    D G  4 months ago

    I heard a rumour cruiser was flicking Toyota....!

  • Dustin Juell
    Dustin Juell  4 months ago

    Thats so crazy when the beast comes alive when it hits the gas!! Amazing as always.

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake  4 months ago

    @2:46 Jack Frost Racks on Racks 💪🏼😎 my man knows how to burn NITRO!! RIDE OR DIE🇺🇸

  • Justin Collins
    Justin Collins  4 months ago

    I pass that track everyday. Live right down the road.

  • IVS
    IVS  4 months ago

    Invited by Snap On, has Harbor Freight ear protection haha. Awesome content as always!

  • Rune Andre Bergtun
    Rune Andre Bergtun  4 months ago

    Remember the 1st time I saw top fuel cars. I heard they're incredible loud. But hearing about it and seeing and most of all feeling it was just awesome and terrifying all at once. Then I saw the mechanics and track officials walking around with little to no ear protection in an enviroment that would make "The Rock" cry(because of the fumes).

  • TCAG Absol
    TCAG Absol  4 months ago

    I hope one day, you get the chance to shoot photos of f1 cars

  • BigMoneyGaming
    BigMoneyGaming  4 months ago

    the likes are at 777 im not gonna like but i do like the video!

  • Echo
    Echo  4 months ago +1

    1:02 what are they spraying into the engine? Is that just race fuel? Or starting fluid?

  • Deep Spirit Photography
    Deep Spirit Photography  4 months ago +1

    easy stuff for 2 things. no need of extremely low panning shooting and no 🚶 miles around the track 😊😊 love to try

  • dielauwen
    dielauwen  4 months ago

    Whats with the guy retching? You guys need to stand in from of the bass speakers at a major music venue to feel the music . It can make you ,you know. The girls love it like the old Harley shake.

  • Josh Carrier
    Josh Carrier  4 months ago

    It would be cool to see an episode or maybe a small bit in every episode where you talk about camera settings and positioning, photography techniques and methods, for various situations that you might be shooting in. What it takes to set up the perfect shot for certain lighting conditions and scenery, cars in motion vs still. Kinda like what you did with Donut Media recently but for DSLR cameras instead of phones.

  • Dimitry Mochkin
    Dimitry Mochkin  4 months ago

    Recently I made the mistake of shooting next to the track as the Promod passed me. I felt the earplugs move inside my ears from the sheer air vibrations that car made. It's insanely loud. Pure insanity in metal form.

  • Robert Mesea
    Robert Mesea  4 months ago

    @Hoonigan (*cough* Vinnie) hook yo' boi Jimmy O. with a better camera

  • zinizal
    zinizal  4 months ago

    My Civic can do that.

  • christian story
    christian story  4 months ago +1

    I wonder if the snap on team still has to wait on the snap on truck 🤔

  • Ma Gu
    Ma Gu  4 months ago

    If nhra and snap on used the dingelball to rebuild a engine then why can't cletus or James do the same and get it right? Huh mysterious