Photographing 300+mph NHRA Drag Cars During Testing - Right into Golden Hour

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
  • Thanks to Larry, we're blessed with some pointers on how to snap photos of professional drag cars with horsepower figures well into the five digit range. That ain't easy for most of us peasants. But Larry knows what's up - and he's gonna give some pointers and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the highest horsepower machines on the planet.Subscribe to Hoonigan Autofocus for more car photography related stuff! on notifications so you don’t miss out, noob.


  • If you were to get granted an all access pass to only one race in the world, what race would you choose?

  • pug joe  26 days ago

    Yo great vid but there was no audio in the left channel

  • Robert Arell  27 days ago

    Pomona NHRA T/F With you guys and the Slo-Mo guys.

  • Autofocus is definitely one of my favorite channels on YouTube, thanks for doing this!

  • Brad Carpenter  29 days ago

    Jackson Hardy Photography agreed! Larry is the best in the auto industry!

  • Hell yeah Jackson! Thanks for watching we appreciate that.

  • Brad Davis  29 days ago

    I'm a simple man, I see a new Larry Chen video, I click on it.

  • We’re simple too. When we see you comment Brad, we like it!

  • John Huebner  29 days ago

    Bad ass nothing like going to a NHRA event and hearing / feeling the sound of a top fueler

  • SolarBear  29 days ago

    Cam man got jumpy every pass. Love it.

  • scummy man  29 days ago

    the smell is crazy too. accidentally walked behind a running one and got a whiff that seared my respiratory tract. it was brutal.

  • Rip eye balls and nose any time you get a good whiff of nitro.

  • Vetrivel  29 days ago

    Top fuel exhaust sounds are things you must experience in real life before you die

  • The 3 things that get us every time is the sound, the smell of the nitro, and the speed! Those 3 things put together is what makes this sport absolutely insane.

  • B.A. Performance  29 days ago

    Such violence captured with such grace!

  • That’s absolutely one of the best ways to describe it!

  • Kenny K  29 days ago

    Chop level= 💯

  • Zac would be proud.

  • Jonas Garcia  29 days ago

    too bad englishtown doesn't do this anymore...summer nationals were always a sick event and yes you can't focus even up in the can't even breath as they pass you.imagine what the drive is going through