AUTOMATION EMPIRE | Ep. 1 | Building Automated Factories Factorio Meets Satisfactory Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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  • Furry Tom007
    Furry Tom007  5 days ago

    him:”i hade a girlfriend once”

  • Wasted Watts
    Wasted Watts  7 days ago

    LOL, watching your early game play reminds me of some of the mistakes I made. I have only played off and on for two days, so have lots to learn about how the game works. Plan to post my first video about this game later today also. I have watched two game videos so far to learn what I could about how to do things and this one is my third. Wow, you have a huge following already, so I am assuming you have been making videos for a while and likely have others I might want to watch. Subscribed.

  • Tianz Zechreich
    Tianz Zechreich  7 days ago

    what im looking this, is the confuse drone anywhere...

  • Dsa nDnM
    Dsa nDnM  7 days ago

    Do they will develop this game for Mac?

  • Jackson Pearce
    Jackson Pearce  7 days ago


  • Chris May
    Chris May  14 days ago

    I subscribed when I heard the "drilling for Oil, wait whos that at the door" part. That was classy.

  • Kyle Flounder
    Kyle Flounder  14 days ago +1

    I come back to this channel for the first time since the Wargame: Red Dragon days (congrats on all the growth by the way WOW!) and the first thing I take from 2019 Raptor:
    "I had a girlfriend once that was a scientist, I called her MY research bay (or were you implying bae...). Yes. Anyways..."
    Honestly I'm dying laughing; you haven't changed a bit in all these years haha!

    KONGEN AV MANDAL  14 days ago

    when are u comming with a new video?

  • Jessie Janson
    Jessie Janson  14 days ago

    tried the wrong thing multiple times ignores the right the thing entirely It seems that when people talk, half their brain shuts down, and its SO common with youtubers, it must just be human nature. They should really try to stop talking when they need to be thinking because it just leads to mistakes.

  • Doom Blaze852
    Doom Blaze852  14 days ago

    the pipes in this are soo simplistic and yet you dont understand them DUDE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS

  • David Green
    David Green  14 days ago

    I love Satisfactory!

  • Henrique Baldin
    Henrique Baldin  14 days ago

    That game has a lot of potential, but there is still a lot of things to do to make it really playable

  • Hunter ford
    Hunter ford  14 days ago


  • Dr Guttenberg
    Dr Guttenberg  14 days ago

    Digga i love it

  • Dr Guttenberg
    Dr Guttenberg  14 days ago +2

    Sehr schön. Leider ist mein englisch nicht so gut :-)

  • Geile Videos sos
    Geile Videos sos  14 days ago

    Hi i like raptors are you are like the REX

  • RobbieTat
    RobbieTat  14 days ago

    I've watched a few of your first-attempt videos and you seem to suffer from the same affliction in every one: you don't take enough time to READ the instructions. You'd save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you did.

  • Cooler 84
    Cooler 84  21 days ago

    Enjoyed the Uncle Sam joke about the oil! 👍From Iran with Love.

  • dalleravn
    dalleravn  21 days ago

    can't wait to nest episod, and see how much he have learn:D

  • Hazardous
    Hazardous  21 days ago

    After about 10 minutes of him attempting to put a loading pipe onto the mine I started ripping my hair out now I'm bald and lost about 10,000 brain cells