Pesto - You Suck at Cooking (episode 73)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 28, 2018
  • Pesto. It's the besto. Subscribe: @yousuckatcookin 2 cups basilHalf cup olive oilhalf cup parmesancouple spoonfuls of pine nuts (you can use walnuts if you want)a clove or two or garlic a squeeze of lemonyou can salt it a bit more if the parmesan hasn't done the trick


  • thesinaclwon
    thesinaclwon  a years ago +1878

    I could imagine being this guys neighbor lol I'd be like "hey honey our neighbors doing weird shit again with food in the woods"

  • RD Apoderado
    RD Apoderado  10 months ago +1439

    G E T B A C K O U T S I D E

  • Erindale
    Erindale  10 months ago +702

    "small to medium large size pieces of random gravel"

  • Ballistic BBQ
    Ballistic BBQ  a years ago +1330

    I once tried to make pesto from broccoli... I'm trying not to re-live that fateful day, but I will tell you... The byproduct is explosive.

  • Nambie
    Nambie  a years ago +548

    It’s actually
    ”fai schifo a cucinare yeah fai totalmente schifo”

  • For K
    For K  4 months ago +163

    pass me some more eucalyptus rick

  • Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish

    "If pine trees and cacti met in real life would they be friends or enemies?"

  • Nabiha Nasir
    Nabiha Nasir  6 months ago +42

    Your sense of humor has a really weirdly intellectual undertone to it 😲😂

  • Angelina Norris
    Angelina Norris  a years ago +3150

    someone added the rubbing basil on the tires thing to the wikipedia page for buck creek, indiana i'm crying

  • Neha I.
    Neha I.  2 months ago +58

    Wow u provided subtitles in Hindi. Now that's a sweet gesture. U have to be a Canadian for this.
    Lots of love from apart of Easto,
    To the east of Westo
    Where we have no Resto
    n Coriander chutney is the closest to Pesto..

  • J K
    J K  a years ago +112

    I don't have access to small stones but I do have a digital kitchen scale. What is the conversion from small stones to grams or ounces?

  • Fishybubblewrap
    Fishybubblewrap  a years ago +50

    Here in flagstaff there are both pine trees and cacti, I can tell you that they are terrible enemies and the war still wages on.

  • 0riginal _Panda_Child
    0riginal _Panda_Child  2 months ago +20

    "Until we stop being selfish and start teaching giraffes how to talk, we'll never know"

  • Livin' Like Larry
    Livin' Like Larry  a years ago +5018

    There will come a day when we don't suck at cooking. Just wait.

  • Village Food Life
    Village Food Life  a years ago +283

    Nice Channel, I Discovered Today! I was Bored at Cooking, Now Get Good Entertainment and Fun.

  • Gentle Gentile
    Gentle Gentile  a years ago +65

    First video I've seen from this channel, I laughed until my hindquarters fell off. Cooking isn't even one of my hobbies but learning is and I want to see more!

  • lets-retrieve-these-sheaves

    If weed is often referred to as "the devil's lettuce" is basil God's lettuce?

  • kiwi boi uwu
    kiwi boi uwu  11 months ago +15

    Shakespear quote of the day:

  • Nawnii
    Nawnii  a years ago +1071


  • Kevin Becker
    Kevin Becker  7 months ago +25

    Free Replay button: