How To Get Your YouTube Channel Verified On SocialBlade

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • This is a tutorial on how to get your YouTube channel verified on SocialBlade!SocialBlade verification is different from YouTube verification, but it is useful to let other SocialBlade users know that your YouTube channel is legitimate. Subscribe now: for watching and have a nice day!


  • FlareTV
    FlareTV  a years ago +255

    Sorry about the low audio levels, it was an editing mistake

  • GavinLikeWh0a
    GavinLikeWh0a  7 months ago +314


  • pew bot
    pew bot  5 months ago +93

    dude your channel grew so fast when you started streaming pewdiepie vs t series. An absolute genius idea

  • Fun with shobhit
    Fun with shobhit  5 months ago +28

    When the channel grow from a 24/7 hr. Live stream...

  • Lazy Dino
    Lazy Dino  6 months ago +70

    0:00 a legend is born

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao  8 months ago +104


  • Mystic Flare
    Mystic Flare  a years ago +61

    Whenever I need help on something with YouTube I know where to go

    ALFA ROMEO  11 months ago +34

    Tell me how did you grow faster?? In a months

  • Kamal Q
    Kamal Q  4 months ago +3

    Flaretv before PewDiePie Vs t series livestream: 50k
    Now: 2 million

  • Savage Gaming
    Savage Gaming  8 months ago +7

    I just got verified but I think the checkmark only shows if I actually got verified on youtube, not frok SocialBlade nevertheless thank you for the tip! Just got verified in socialblade

  • bOi
    bOi  7 months ago +1

    "one thousand subscriber"
    looks at sub count
    WhAT thE fUCk

  • Viizion
    Viizion  5 months ago +4

    Even when audio levels are low there's always a hero "Captions"

  • Intro NoCopyright
    Intro NoCopyright  5 months ago +5

    How to be youtuber? I have 64 subsriber now!

  • Sierge'a Mains
    Sierge'a Mains  8 months ago

    btw i cant even get on the dashbord or idk even now WHY WONT WORK how i get in the dashbord or maybe new update well still tell meh

  • Lukasshooter _652
    Lukasshooter _652  4 months ago +1

    From 1000 subs to 2m. Respect

  • yoiboiegg
    yoiboiegg  21 minutes ago

    0:16 “As we’re extremely close to 1000 subscribers”
    Now you have 2.5 MILLION

  • Jonas Seeberg
    Jonas Seeberg  4 months ago

    lol i thought you said "click unverify channel"

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe  6 months ago

    Ask the arabs to join the fight this is Twitter:dvlzstation they all listen to this guy

  • Neatram
    Neatram  4 months ago +2

    This guy started the war

  • zof
    zof  a years ago

    Hey flare I really want to dm you how can I possibly get too?