She Is NOT My Girlfriend!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Not Gonna Have A Girlfriend For A Very Long Time! I’m in a relationship with myself right now, people 😂GET YOUR WASSABI MERCH NOW!http://www.AlexWassabi.comWassabi's MUST WATCH videos!: every Wassabi CHALLENGE video!: Wassabi episode EVERY DAY!JOIN THE JOURNEY!Twitter: Channel: @RealAlexWassabiDon't forget to remember!If you're not smiling,YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!! :)mKay bYe!Intro music by


  • Imani rose the musician
    Imani rose the musician  9 months ago +1797

    Who else is scrolling through the comment section while the video is playing

  • Anna xoxo
    Anna xoxo  9 months ago +1721

    When I saw the title I actually thought of Ariana grande’s song ‘ thank you next’ was it just me okay

  • Isabella Lathrop
    Isabella Lathrop  8 months ago +408

    I ship Alex and Vanessa Merrell
    (besides shipping Alex and Lauren)
    Edit: I also ship Aaron and Veronica Merrell

  • Salty_Af
    Salty_Af  7 months ago +238

    When Your Better And Heeled.. I’ll Be Waiting For You And Nessa

  • Ariel 8984
    Ariel 8984  3 months ago +159

    Like the video if u ship Nessa and Alex

  • Gummy Mummy
    Gummy Mummy  9 months ago +1585

    I feel like Alex is getting over Lauren faster than the Laurex fans...I’m still shook

  • Julian Thomas
    Julian Thomas  8 months ago +132

    LAUREX was not a bad breakup but you and ROI WAS A BAD BREAKUP

  • ]:
    ]:  7 months ago +155

    Was the girl Alex was talking about was it Vanessa cuz I think they make a cute couple🖤

  • Jenny _ Pleb Life
    Jenny _ Pleb Life  2 months ago +12

    Me:ok sorry I’ll stop
    5seconds later

  • love meh
    love meh  3 months ago +63

    So is it nessa ur choosing i hope my dreams come true

  • HeyHello WhyAmIHere
    HeyHello WhyAmIHere  2 months ago +31

    If RonRon is a thing and they get married or Vanex get married the others or the last to get married will be in laws🤯🤯😳

  • Deanna 711
    Deanna 711  28 days ago +14

    Maybe it’s bc you make videos with them and they “pretend” to be their bf in one vid and your date.
    Cough cough* every video of Arron and roni
    Cough cough* night shirt

  • aleyda v
    aleyda v  9 months ago +355

    Did anyone notice tht when he posted this it was November 6 which should have been 3 years of Laurex 😭😣

  • Elina Lacuna
    Elina Lacuna  2 months ago +8

    I ship you and nessa 😛*savage*

  • Emilija Gorgievska
    Emilija Gorgievska  21 days ago +11

    I love seeing Alex and Venessa together!They are the couple of the year

  • Maitha ahmad
    Maitha ahmad  2 days ago

    Alex wasabi your a very smart guy and you special to us no matter what HASHTAG ILOVE YOU

  • Alison Chang
    Alison Chang  28 days ago +6

    Guys he does want you to ship people with him that was the point of the video. 😩

  • kwis
    kwis  8 months ago +203

    Stop hiding your feelings from us, we all clearly still claimed that you still miss Lauren and you need to change your behaviors. You're not the same Alex Wassabi anymore

  • Sinead O' Neill
    Sinead O' Neill  9 months ago +1146

    I subscribed to you years ago
    I subscribed because I liked your content
    I liked your personality I liked your love for everyone
    Let’s go back to the start
    You made Roi’s dream come through
    You helped him then helping him made you feel happy
    You and Roi made your dreams come through
    Then there was fousy
    Fousy became your best friend
    You and fousy were great friends
    You were so nice to fousy
    And he was nice to you
    And ye still are
    Then he introduced Lauren
    Lauren ,to you love at first sight
    Kind caring pretty smart clever girl
    Later on ye started dating
    You were so nice to her
    Best boyfriend anyone could have
    She was lucky
    You wouldn’t really do anything stupid
    Besides putting crayons in your mouth
    Stapling your leg and more
    Lauren got a dog named moose
    The cutest dog ever
    Even tho on the vlogs you said you weren’t really cleaning up after him
    I know you secretly did for you moose and Lauren
    But then something clicked in both of ye and it was over
    Since then I do realise you have a lot of comments saying this
    And what I’m about to say is not hating but what I see in these vlogs
    First take a moment to just think to your self
    Why did you destroy that perfectly fine car and it was your brothers
    You have changed ALOT
    you are getting involved in boxing
    Now I do understand if there was a reason u broke his fine car then that’s ok
    And if you like boxing that fine as well
    But u haven’t been your self
    You are not the Alex I subbed to in 2012
    You are making wrong decisions and if you keep doing those things you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be i think you should stop now and choose where you do truly want to be,the right path
    The happy path
    I have read my replies and do realise you are the only one who can choose right and wrong paths and I totally agree and I do know you are becoming an adult but damaging a car is not being an adult
    Please don’t hate this comment if you do think I said a lot
    Alex needed to know what he was doing wrong
    And if Alex you are reading this I do truly miss the old Alex
    I think everyone miss laurex but you need to learn more about yourself and make more right decisions
    I miss the always happy never miss a vlog Alex
    The Alex that would do anything for his brothers
    His friends
    His subscribers
    And even moose guppy and more dogs
    I still and will always love you and will watch you vids
    I do think u can change
    I believe that you can make good decisions
    Love from

  • Cwrrix Edits
    Cwrrix Edits  9 months ago +130

    Laurex is always in our hearts. You two are mature adults and you handled this very well <3 hope your both okay and your still good friends