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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 6, 2022
  • Filmymoji Middle Class Madhu Snehithudu Friendship Day Special Video MCM

    Filmymoji releases it friendship day special video where Balli, Budatha and Mekujuttu Mahesh plans to take party from Middle class Madhu on the eve of friendship day. MCM blabbers about some work assigned to him by his father and he unable to move anywhere. Later that day Ajay meets Madhu and takes him out for his party. 1A master becomes emotional for not having any friends and even asks his wife to tie him a friendship band. Upon discussing with his wife 1A master steps out to get friends and meet Naatu Guntala Gang in a party where Balli Budatha and Mahesh would be venting out anger on Madhu for lying to them about work at home and showing up at the party. At the same time, all the fathers of our Naatu Guntala Gang would be having a fun get together when 1A master meets them on the way back from the party. Watch the full episode to find out what happens to Middle class Madhu for lying to his fathers and would 1A master creates a mess for Naatu Guntala Gang as usual.

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    Filmymoji :-

    Written And Directed By
    (Naveen Varma Siruvuri):-
    (Varun Venum):-

    Producer (Karthick Chirra):-

    Edit And Sound Design (Aishwarya Kethineedi):-
    (Siva Satya Murthy):-

    Vfx (Mani Kiran Veduruparthi):-

    Titles BGM (Naveen K Lakshman):-

    Mother(Swati Kotu Chirra):-

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