Is It Safe for Dogs to Lick You?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • It was a shocking turn of events for a 48-year-old dad who lost his hands and legs after doing something so many of us do every day: getting licked by a dog. Greg Manteufel is also bracing for more loss because his nose is about to fall off. Greg's life changed forever when he went to a neighborhood party at a park near his home in Wisconsin. Greg's doctors believe he contracted bacteria from one of the dogs that licked him.


  • Jerry D
    Jerry D  8 hours ago

    This is why I have cats.

  • Tyler Engels
    Tyler Engels  yesterday

    Mabey this is what happens when rabies doesn’t give you seizures

  • Huckleberry Fickle-Tickle-My-Fingold

    And to think gays perform 'rimming'.
    Not healthy folks, not healthy.

  • Sanjiv Madhavan

    Is the question concerning dog's safety or our safety ?

  • izzy the little devil 123

    0-0 my grandpa always gets hurt and he let's his dogs like his wounds 😥I'm I'm going to die

  • Areisy Cucufate-Garcia

    Anybody watch this with their dog

  • PansexualGacha—Love_Is_Stronger

    My dog doesn’t lick anyone :/ Tho he’s a cute boy ❤️

  • Miranda Moya
    Miranda Moya  5 days ago

    This is so fake I just saw one of your videos and a veterinarian let a dog lick him

  • The cage show Gamez

    Wash your hand that's simple

  • Matt Firth
    Matt Firth  6 days ago

    Yeah.and I can get sick from drinking water. Oh yeah I can go to the grocery store and get sick by know I hear it possible to get mud in the eye and a huge infection

  • diana María
    diana María  8 days ago

    Is becuse of rabia

  • HannahLovesDub
    HannahLovesDub  8 days ago

    Does he still love dogs after that?

  • it's calla
    it's calla  9 days ago

    OMG IM NOT LETING MY DOG Lick me again 😖😢😢😢😥😭😭😭

  • dog and owner
    dog and owner  12 days ago

    99% vs a chance winner:99%

  • dog and owner
    dog and owner  12 days ago

    99% that dog owners that they will not deal with these

  • dog and owner
    dog and owner  12 days ago

    Even the vet in the video said vet: you will be fine

  • dog and owner
    dog and owner  12 days ago

    Or wash your dogs mouth

  • dog and owner
    dog and owner  12 days ago

    Dont worry the bacteria is rare that means it dosent usually happend and also wash the parts were the dog lick you so that the bacteria dies and also let your dogs lick but wash your hand or feet or face if the the dog has lick you somewhere we domestocated dogs like forever we cant just simply change of not licking just wash

  • Martin Reyes
    Martin Reyes  16 days ago

    That’s my dad!!!!!

  • Ajit kumar
    Ajit kumar  19 days ago

    Omg for now dog is gone bye bye
    Whos next it's goddamn monkey hell yeah nigga