Is It Safe for Dogs to Lick You?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • It was a shocking turn of events for a 48-year-old dad who lost his hands and legs after doing something so many of us do every day: getting licked by a dog. Greg Manteufel is also bracing for more loss because his nose is about to fall off. Greg's life changed forever when he went to a neighborhood party at a park near his home in Wisconsin. Greg's doctors believe he contracted bacteria from one of the dogs that licked him.


  • Prixy Prot
    Prixy Prot  4 days ago +1

    Next vid: is it safe for cats to lick you?

  • K. S.
    K. S.  14 days ago

    This is so sad😓this is why I refuse to let my pet or any animal lick my face. And I wash my hands after any contact with animals

  • ProNoob69 PW
    ProNoob69 PW  14 days ago

    You don't understand (NO!)

  • Jude Clarence
    Jude Clarence  14 days ago +1

    Omg whyyyyyy I have a DOG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finder
    Finder  21 days ago

    Next video: is it safe to blink?

  • Greyrainbowgirl
    Greyrainbowgirl  21 days ago

    Did he just have and allergic reaction?

  • Rykia Vue
    Rykia Vue  21 days ago

    I let girl lick me but not a animal ;)

  • J & J Twins
    J & J Twins  21 days ago

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  • Harry Potter Fan
    Harry Potter Fan  21 days ago

    Okay, what I got out of this is that if YOUR dog is healthy, well vaccinated, doesn't interact with dogs who contain this thing it can pretty much lick you as much as it wants.

  • pepper wolf 923
    pepper wolf 923  21 days ago

    Bruhhhh 😭

  • Sheila Weldon
    Sheila Weldon  21 days ago

    Oh my gosh so horrible.

  • jayden marshmello
    jayden marshmello  21 days ago

    So fake lol

  • ToMaToS are noice
    ToMaToS are noice  21 days ago +1

    My dog licks my hand in the morning so I can wake up my fat a$$

  • fury
    fury  28 days ago

    That why I hate dog

  • Photo Session
    Photo Session  28 days ago

    I like bunny kisses only not the dogs

  • Lilypad 44
    Lilypad 44  28 days ago +1

    i GoT LiCkEd bY a DoG!!¡

  • CureXL
    CureXL  28 days ago

    Who tf would let a dog lick there face they nasty af

  • joydarling314
    joydarling314  28 days ago

    Now this is letting me hate dogs.

  • Gina castro
    Gina castro  1 months ago

    How my dog licks me nothing happend to me

  • Alec Marcum
    Alec Marcum  1 months ago

    I don't like when dogs lick my face but I do like to kiss their noses, is that bad?