Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 30, 2017
  • Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops
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    Netflix has produced some very successful shows, but these originals never quite took off. We'll be looking at the biggest Netflix flops, such as The Ranch, Flaked, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, The Ridiculous 6, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops.

    10. “The Ranch” (2016)
    #9. “Flaked” (2016)
    #8. “The Get Down” (201617)
    #7. “Amy Schumer The Leather Special” (2017)
    #6. “Between” (2015)
    #5. “Chelsea” (2016)
    #4. “Marco Polo” (2014-16)
    #3, #2, #1: ???

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  • Qiqa Putuzo
    Qiqa Putuzo  5 hours ago

    I loved Between 😭

  • Shaun Whitehead
    Shaun Whitehead  6 hours ago

    Amy schemer demanded the same rate of pay as Chris Rock and dav Chapelle wtf and told Netflix if they didn't pay its because of sexual discrimination well after this hopefully they just cut her show now oh to be a fly on the wall when they give her the news PRICELESS lol

  • GoLuckYourself
    GoLuckYourself  8 hours ago

    I actually liked Hemlock Groove. It shouldn`t be on the list ...

  • Eric Hoover
    Eric Hoover  13 hours ago

    Let’s play a game, look at all the top comments on this video, and upvote any talking about amy schumer

  • James Smith
    James Smith  yesterday

    Adam sandler done

  • Alex
    Alex  yesterday

    The Get Down was great.

  • Fabian Alejandro Bonilla Moya

    I thought Sense 8 was pretty repetitive and predictable. Too much unnecesary sexual content aswell. It wasn't cool for me. They even cancelled the third season.
    What do you guys think about it?. I would rate it 5/10

  • Gamsci
    Gamsci  yesterday

    Lost all respect for this video when the first series they mention is "The Ranch." I hardly call 6 seasons (or parts fwiw) with future plans for more to be a flop.

  • Lucas anderson
    Lucas anderson  2 days ago

    Chelsea was boring

  • Lucas anderson
    Lucas anderson  2 days ago

    Schumer was not conspiracy... Was just rubbish...

  • David  Lucey
    David Lucey  2 days ago

    The Ranch hasn’t flopped;

  • Kamran Kazi
    Kamran Kazi  3 days ago +1

    1,2,3 Amy Schumer

  • help4343
    help4343  3 days ago

    A list of ten and all the comments are about Amy Schumer.

  • zEN60
    zEN60  3 days ago

    I'm pretty liberal, and I thought the Leather Special was pretty bad, and I wanted to like it.

  • DJ Shocker
    DJ Shocker  6 days ago

    I really liked "Between" :-\

  • Dave Walsh
    Dave Walsh  6 days ago

    I'd say piss on Chelsea but apparently that's already been done.

  • Joe Salvucci
    Joe Salvucci  6 days ago

    THE RANCH??? seriously????

  • venasse Optical
    venasse Optical  7 days ago

    Amy Schumer isn't funny, is a shitty person and in leather makes my eyes burn.

  • jrwxtx
    jrwxtx  7 days ago

    Netflix does not release any ratings on their programs. While critics may not like something, you need #'s to know what the audience thinks.

  • Jason Qualls
    Jason Qualls  7 days ago

    I just saw Amy Schumer's pic on the thumbnail of a top 10 list about failures, so I just had to see :) Amy is a gross fat cow that isnt funny