The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price



  • prateek srivastava
    prateek srivastava  10 hours ago

    Hey ram... the starting ka music... pure Saapera wala 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • A S
    A S  11 hours ago +1

    So India will now have more phones to subscribe to Tseries. *What?*

  • DJ Killer
    DJ Killer  12 hours ago

    500$ is cheaper for you but for us it's cost 35k which is so much money

  • Allan Samuel
    Allan Samuel  13 hours ago

    Samsung has already got their J series phones in India which sell really well in the Indian offline market - these are the ones that bring sales to Samsung in India. But, they are the crappiest of phones that money can ever buy. they sell phones with 2 or 3 year old chipsets in the same $150 price bracket and missing out on basic sensors even. the Indian offline market is not that educated and that is why the brands like Xiaomi succeeded in India through the educated online market. hope the M series will change the image of samsung here in India..!!

  • cv creative zone
    cv creative zone  14 hours ago +1

    I mean India is the biggest smart phone selling country

    TRUTH HAMMER  20 hours ago +1

    the only video he is serious in

  • Monalisa Barik
    Monalisa Barik  23 hours ago

    Atlast samsung understood us.(Indians)

  • Mahakal Bhairav

    Interesting fact: The world's largest mobile factory is in Noida, India owned by Samsung.

  • Parnit S
    Parnit S  yesterday

    i hear some shitty background Indian music lol and I am from india.. listen to AR Rehman Lou!

  • Sumit Khobragade

    Please stop that annoying background music😠😑

  • prajwal mukatti

    Finally Samsung revealed it's M series details ( a sort of ) in technical guruji channel and they will have Samsung flagship processor , 5000 mAh battery , 6.2 + super AMOLED display , punch hole camera , fast charger at less than pocofone price ( no Android one )

  • amar jobanputra

    I'm so getting this for my next phone when it drops worldwide

  • ahall3823
    ahall3823  yesterday

    Apple! Are you watching this? Unless you fix your iPhone pricing, I might just get one of these...

  • Sharukh Naushad

    When did you decide to become a news reporter ?

  • ink_ well
    ink_ well  yesterday

    I enjoy these videos. More discussions are always better.

  • anshul sandilya
    anshul sandilya  yesterday +1

    Genuinely he is godfather of technology market

  • healingv1sion
    healingv1sion  yesterday

    I like this concept for a video! I feel like I'm watching Tek Syndicate again RIP 😭

  • Sidharth sanjeev

    What do you people expect him to do when he has to let his subscribers know about new gadgets/smartphones that are not out yet? These phones are being discussed allover the internet. He is a global YouTuber...You people should have seen this coming sooner or later. Its not like new smartphones worth mentioning are being produced every single day.

  • Emmanuel Nwogwugwu

    That background music though

  • Chris
    Chris  yesterday

    We have the Galaxy J series in South America and it sucks, low performance and low specs, if Samsung brings this Galaxy M series will be a new oportunity to fight against Xiaomi but it will be hard.