• rudi bagod
    rudi bagod  15 hours ago

    easy, cool n patient

  • Greg Grimes
    Greg Grimes  6 days ago

    i can dig this!

  • Buganvilias do Meco Guest House Bed&Breakfast

    Every day we listen jazz at home . All my guest love it . Make you relax , enjoy the peace , can you just drink a glass of wine or just close your eyes.

  • Ton Vichayen
    Ton Vichayen  6 days ago

    Time to sleep with this music ...
    music therapy

  • psychedelic
    psychedelic  7 days ago

    The best one is transition song :)

  • laura shaw
    laura shaw  8 days ago

    Loving the jams!

  • Mohamudi Kamero
    Mohamudi Kamero  9 days ago

    Wow its so smooth that it put me to sleep when i grow up i wanna make music like that to make other people sleep and plz make more😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😎😎😎😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖😇😇😇💤💤💤💤💤💤 and its so funky

  • Jaquelin Butkovic
    Jaquelin Butkovic  18 days ago +1

    :thumbs up:

  • 국회의원金仁直

    1.25 better

  • Sarah I V Sutter
    Sarah I V Sutter  19 days ago

    Resting after the takeoff on an altitude of 39 000 ft above the ocean on the jump seat in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-8i - listen to this music and looking out enjoying the clouds and the time during the flight listen to the air traffic control and my colleagues in the cockpit - simply wonderful and majestic to do and I love it so very much! Lovely greetings from Sarah and have always a wonderful flight to all of your destinations around the globe and stay safe out there and take care of you all 🙋💖✈️🙋💖✈️🙋💖✈️🙋💖✈️🙋💖✈️

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson  20 days ago

    Speeding down a winding road that over looks a ocean on a sun ☀️ shiny day😀

  • Three Sixty
    Three Sixty  23 days ago

    this is not jazz.

  • Delores Daniel
    Delores Daniel  24 days ago

    You can't drink beer and listen to this type of music, wine only.

  • Roger (APPfordable APPs)

    This made my cocktail party a huge success. We were filling n chilling. 😎👌

  • 妮妮小影片
    妮妮小影片  26 days ago

    i love it !! now i can listen to this music everywhere now :D

  • Lidia Silva
    Lidia Silva  27 days ago +2

    Please someone give me a like

  • Lidia Silva
    Lidia Silva  27 days ago

    My life as a shit

  • Ja Mah
    Ja Mah  27 days ago

    It is lounge not jazz

  • T L
    T L  1 months ago


  • D Sellers
    D Sellers  1 months ago

    have the Japanese whisky out