Gregg's Bean Dip - You Suck at Cooking (episode 7)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 5, 2015
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    Cheese and crackers beyond your wildest dreams:

    There's bean dip, and then there's BEAN DIP. There's also BEAN dip and bean DIP. In addition to "Bean Dip" and ([{bean dip}]). But there's really nothing quite like bean dip. It's a good way to get beans into your system and it's also a good way to participate in the practice of dipping.

    Bean Dip Song


  • David Patmel
    David Patmel  18 hours ago

    No one:
    Subs: Sexual moan

  • TheSinfultictac
    TheSinfultictac  4 days ago

    Some of the chord progression in the bean song is the same as song "The Joker" By The Steve Miller band

  • Dwarfbomb
    Dwarfbomb  4 days ago

    I fecked with his recipe. Come at me Gregg. I dare you.

  • Camilo The dog
    Camilo The dog  7 days ago

    His name is fucking Mel

  • Vernon Mackey
    Vernon Mackey  14 days ago

    That was a great song at the end.

  • Grace McCray
    Grace McCray  14 days ago

    Ik it's 2020 and stuff but I am freaking out bc my little sister's nickname for me is "bean dip" so I'm tripping bc the bean dip song 🥺🥺🥺

  • KindaBi
    KindaBi  14 days ago


  • Hunter fishman
    Hunter fishman  21 days ago +1

    I wish I had some DMT dip!
    So I could go on a DMT trip!

  • Danny DoRito
    Danny DoRito  21 days ago

    0:25 English captions " sexual moan "

  • Sammi Weinstein
    Sammi Weinstein  21 days ago

    Cut the head and you’ve got you’ve yourself Sean Bean Dip

  • Nater Tater
    Nater Tater  21 days ago

    This was to the boomers before it was a thing lol

  • SlightlyReal
    SlightlyReal  28 days ago

    Trying this AS SOON as I get home. He used white cheddar right?

  • Leaded Zel
    Leaded Zel  28 days ago

    0:18. Wait that’s not an onion that’s an oven.

  • Jamie Krenz
    Jamie Krenz  28 days ago

    its like you´re me! i mean holy shit, you sound like you´re me! like holy shit! but you had this idea!.. and your smart! guess im not. damn..

  • Allen
    Allen  1 months ago +1

    I used shallots and now I’m fearing for my life, I can hear him chanting “Greg ain’t happy BOI” over and over

  • Kim Trammell
    Kim Trammell  1 months ago

    Sexual moaning intensifies

  • Meme LeScream
    Meme LeScream  1 months ago

    foot reveal slurp slurp

  • The Vortex
    The Vortex  1 months ago

    Here is the introduction of the onion

  • Paola Jimenez Nevarez

    What hot sauce is at 2:24??? Its killing it valentina???

  • Zyrah Pal
    Zyrah Pal  1 months ago +1

    Ur work now is really good you look back on this its too good haha