Gregg's Bean Dip - You Suck at Cooking (episode 7)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 5, 2015
  • Subscribe or Gregg will hunt you down: and crackers beyond your wildest dreams:'s bean dip, and then there's BEAN DIP. There's also BEAN dip and bean DIP. In addition to "Bean Dip" and ([{bean dip}]). But there's really nothing quite like bean dip. It's a good way to get beans into your system and it's also a good way to participate in the practice of dipping.Bean Dip Song


  • S.M. grimbldoo
    S.M. grimbldoo  3 years ago +5049

    Notice how he eventually took his dad's advice.

  • Senih Okuyucu
    Senih Okuyucu  3 years ago +1836

    this is where the "get the onion on 350" started.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith  2 years ago +1072

    "Mel, could you check in the google?"

  • Jenna Taylia
    Jenna Taylia  3 years ago +2509

    Please tell me that you're going to drop an album some day.. or don't.. you're so talented, I suck at cooking, you're making me cry.

  • Callista Markham
    Callista Markham  2 years ago +1610

    The way you say 'dip' is very pleasing for some reason.

  • Allison Irv Miller
    Allison Irv Miller  2 years ago +340

    Bean dip, it's not mean dip,
    Unless I punch you in the face
    With it then I'd call it mean dip
    Throw it on the floor, you can't call it clean dip
    Put some bleach in it, you got pristine dip
    Bean dip, it's not green dip
    Tilt the bowl to the left a bit and you can call it lean dip
    Don't tilt it too much or you'll get it on your jean’s tip
    Make it disappear, you got 'The Prestige' dip
    Hike up a mountain with it then you got serene dip
    Let it live its life, don't intervene dip
    Put it on an aeroplane, take it on a bean trip
    Throw in some sweet chromosomes, you got good jeans dip
    Bean dip, it's not sardine dip
    Mix it with some java and you got caffeine dip
    Winter's coming, so don't let it freeze dip
    Give it to my dad, call it the “bee's knees” dip
    Takes away your pain just like codeine dip
    I'm worried - don't you get addicted to that bean dip
    Don't become a strung-out, bean dip junkie
    Who just needs to borrow money because they just can't get enough of that
    Bean dip, let's run away together, forever
    No one will understand, so take my hand
    Now I've got bean dip all over my hands
    Maybe this wasn't the best idea that I've ever had, oh
    Bean dip, you’re the queen dip
    I could rub you on my skin, but you're not sunscreen dip
    Keeps you running just like gasoline dip
    Eat enough and it will help you with your self-esteem dip
    Bean dip, you got a nice Sheen dip
    You live above the water because you are not a submarine dip
    Let's save the whales, yeah, we got marine dip
    Your heart will go on just like Celine dip
    Bean dip, you’re a sweet dip
    You’re bean dip
    Oh, bean dip
    Yeah, bean dip
    Oh, bean dip
    Yeah, eh
    Bean diiip.

  • Thaumablazer
    Thaumablazer  3 years ago +1484

    Meh I don't think I'll need that much onion.
    Is someone there?

  • betotrono
    betotrono  3 years ago +834

    I've been thinking this guy is Canadian from his accent, but now that I heard his dad talk I know for sure.

  • Marie Fischer
    Marie Fischer  3 years ago +926

    something inside me broke while listenning to the bean dip song and i just started crying. or... perhaps... something inside me was healed?

  • hiamecola
    hiamecola  3 years ago +631

    I'm gonna make it without beans

  • Nate Trussel
    Nate Trussel  3 years ago +191

    I can tell the guy behind the camera is hot

  • Bro, Wtf
    Bro, Wtf  3 years ago +576

    Comedy.. Music... And COOKING? You sir deserve an Emmy.

  • ACWells13
    ACWells13  3 years ago +461

    I don't know what it says about me but I never noticed any swearing in these videos...

  • Jessie Leona Russell
    Jessie Leona Russell  3 years ago +763

    Ooh my gosh your dad's comments, Greg coming in to murder you, bean dip song, ACTUAL bean dip, AND another beautiful doggy outro are what make this my favorite video of yours so far! Lol, I absolutely adore your dogs, that little one can really go! Your songs are all amazing! Your recipes are all amazing! And your humor is just the bee's knees! Love this channel! ='D

  • gj yabac
    gj yabac  3 years ago +441

    you use the metric system and you have bilingual products. are you a Canadian

  • Duncan Daly
    Duncan Daly  2 years ago +91

    Cumin doesn't make everything better. One time my mom had a cold and couldn't smell anything, so when she tried to make cinnamon toast, she accidentally made cumin toast. Yech.

  • MateAndMead
    MateAndMead  2 years ago +53

    "Hey buddy!"
    Dog: "I am seriously concerned about your mental health."

  • Brie H
    Brie H  3 years ago +86

    Just made Gregg's Bean Dip (as a joke) and it's actually pretty good.

  • Alayna Matney
    Alayna Matney  2 years ago +182

    I just made this and unlike you I stuck 100% to the recipe, it's amazing. props to gregg

  • Ben Godw
    Ben Godw  3 years ago +244

    I'm so jealous of you're talent I hate you but you're so good.