Inside North Korea's bubble in Japan

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • Why North Korea has children’s schools in Japan
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    My dispatch about Japan's rising right-wing nationalism:

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    For this episode I found myself embeded with a small community in Japan. They were born there, they speak the language. But they're not Japanese citizens, or even ethnically Japanese - they're North Korean. There's about 150,000 of them living in Japan today, and they've been there for over a century.

    This community has close ties with the regime in Pyongyang, which supports them financially (and vice-versa). But more importantly, Pyongyang offers them an identity, a heritage, and cultural legitimacy - things that some elements of Japanese society work to deny them.

    Vox Borders Episodes:
    1. Haiti and the Dominican Republic (
    2. The Arctic & Russia (
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  • Boris Daspider
    Boris Daspider  6 hours ago

    If they love North Korea that much move back. I see why the Japanese don’t like them. They are in a foreign country they are the people who aren’t being a part of the Japan. For me if you are in another country and live there you take on their customs don’t try and force yours.

  • Rosanne Cannella
    Rosanne Cannella  23 hours ago

    Why don’t the Koreans in Japan return to n Korea? Is it that they want the freedoms (so to speak in their case) of Japan, but the ideology of n Korea?

  • Old 2001 virgin

    Oh god

  • Daniel Barclay
    Daniel Barclay  2 days ago

    Compared to what Japan did to the Koreans in WW2 kidnapping 12 civilians is nothing

  • Matt B
    Matt B  4 days ago

    It's almost like there's a Mexican bubble in the USA

  • Raul jose Carlos Carlos

    there is no problem having koreans on your country , let them celebrate their culture BUT dont let them praise foreign dictadures, that must be sentenced as a brainwashing crime to their kids, if they really like NK , people who likes dictadures like that must be sended to NK

  • Potato :D
    Potato :D  4 days ago

    Sounds like a kalimba

  • Joe Wong
    Joe Wong  5 days ago

    WHY DON'T THESE KOREANS MOVE BACK TO NORTH OR SOUTH KOREA THEN!?!?!?! They are unable to get a visa permenant citizenship or something? Your video does not address that?

  • Machine Gamer
    Machine Gamer  5 days ago

    Thx for the information USA government will be happy with this

  • Many Times メニータイムズ

    Why don't you go home?
    I don't know why I want to stay in Japan. I do not intend to discriminate, but the incidents related to North Korea will continue in Japan. So I want you to know that you might be suspicious of being a spy.
    However, please think that the group with discriminatory and radical thought is about 1% in Japan. Not everyone has the idea to do.

    Wishing for world peace🌏💗

    AKARI  5 days ago

    Hey Vox ! Sorry this has nothing to do with the content but just caught my eye and wanted to tell you...
    Just to let you know Tokyo is not a city but a prefecture so it should be 東京都 not 東京市 (0:50)

  • Baby Face
    Baby Face  6 days ago

    ...japan is aware of the atrocities they committed against the Koreans, right? Like, yeah, these people are supporting something bad...but cmon. Osama bin laden?

  • Bruce Boomer Choi

    영화 박치기가 떠오르네요.

  • Weather Geek
    Weather Geek  7 days ago

    I'm torn and that's all I'm saying

  • Pipe
    Pipe  7 days ago

    So they crave for a place they haven't been to where they would have none of the rights they have in Japan.... your pseudo empanthy is shaming

  • Pipe
    Pipe  7 days ago

    Typical american hypocrisy

  • E N
    E N  7 days ago


  • Damiel Sebastian
    Damiel Sebastian  7 days ago

    The fog is too deep

  • Jeremy Utama
    Jeremy Utama  7 days ago

    Personally, this is a complicated topic where humanity and nationalism are two things that hitting each other

  • Wafi 31
    Wafi 31  7 days ago +1

    Japan is good country with good peoples, problem is they don’t know much about foreign people and there culture, because there government is soo busy hiding there past from peoples, not many Japanese people feel comfortable with foreign peoples. They are not racist, they just don’t know much about some one looks different or talks different