What Happens If I Die *WRITING MY WILL*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
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  • c7smile
    c7smile  9 months ago +1868

    Let all just wait for that one day where Alex does call his parents to tell them he IS back with Lauren... Let's all just wait 😌

  • Insane Dreamer
    Insane Dreamer  9 months ago +280

    "You're back with Lauren"
    Me: Alex's family is literally the entire fandom.

  • urvi virkar
    urvi virkar  9 months ago +822

    Alex's parents really really want Lauren and Alex to get back together 😭❤️

  • Mandy
    Mandy  9 months ago +183

    why do i lowkey feel like alex never wanted to break up with lauren, and it was not mutual

  • Caroline
    Caroline  9 months ago +266

    “are you getting back with lauren?”
    awww his family misses her too...

  • Ruby Robinson
    Ruby Robinson  9 months ago +376

    Even the mom and dad want laurex back together...
    Edit: omg I didn’t even see how many likes I got ahhh!!!

  • Emily Leung
    Emily Leung  9 months ago +341

    When his parents was talking about him getting back with Lauren I was just shocked because that is when you know his parents like Lauren not just when they are together.

  • Bee Nadurata
    Bee Nadurata  9 months ago +228

    Hopefully one day Alex will call the family to say he’s back with Lauren 😭

  • Alexa Kaz
    Alexa Kaz  9 months ago +124

    Who else noticed that lauren and alex both used air horns?????? EDIT: Thank you soooooooooo much for the likes!!!!!!

  • Aditi Patidar
    Aditi Patidar  9 months ago +63

    Why aren't you filming wassabi kitchen anymore it's been sooooooooooo long 😕😩

  • Drama Llama Crafts
    Drama Llama Crafts  9 months ago +73

    This is not the weirdest Vlog he’s made ...dressing up Matt as a girl was 😂

  • ThisIsNotDavidCai
    ThisIsNotDavidCai  9 months ago +44

    We all wish that he is back Lauren

  • Ancy Poulose
    Ancy Poulose  9 months ago +25

    Wow....Im really happy that at least his parents want them back together just as much as we do!!!!!! I love you Soo much Alexxx

  • Noelle K
    Noelle K  9 months ago +15

    You know laurex is meant to be when his parents keep hoping that he will get back together with lauren😭

  • Gertie V
    Gertie V  9 months ago +16

    In the beginning of the vlog Alex's 10 million shirt had a hole in it 😂😂😂

  • HeyItsMeg
    HeyItsMeg  9 months ago +16

    Most people don't write a will till they are much older but when you are someone with large sums of money its very common to write one. This most likely has nothing to do with Alex feeling any type of way. He is simply a celebrity with a large sum of money, a really nice car and channel with millions that he'd like to make sure goes to the right people. In his position it can get very messy if there's nothing in place and this secures that people know exactly whats theirs if need be.

  • Cate Schilling
    Cate Schilling  9 months ago +6

    awwwww when Mom Wassabi and Dad Wassabi want Alex and Lauren to get back together😭😭 hopefully one day he will call and tell them that they are again👏 Laurex forever🤩

  • VickeyMouse
    VickeyMouse  9 months ago +8

    Aaron: I could do 5 million
    Alex: You could do 5 million
    Aaron: How long do you think it’ll take to do 5 million?
    Alex: Uh- um whispers 10 years
    Me: Hokay, calm down Alex, he’s your brother 😂

  • MissMaris
    MissMaris  9 months ago +10

    I own nothing worth giving , which is hilarious. Just throw all my stuff out when I die 😂

  • It’sJan Dream
    It’sJan Dream  9 months ago +18

    thanks for taking your time to make us happy love you