The Lamborghini Aventador is the WORST car to own.. (The truth)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Here's why the Aventador is the worst car on the planet. It's problems after problems. We're actually saying the truth unlike other videos about this car. Even without all the problems and breaking down the car does it's still bad because the single clutch makes the car feel clunky when you drive it. Kind of like when you're playing a game and it lags, that's how it feel when you drive and press the gas.
    Don't buy the Aventador. Learn from our mistake!

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  • Stella MC
    Stella MC  yesterday +1

    Don't trust this guy because first,he say fuc* alot of times and second,lamborghini aventador is a good car and he just broke it down and he's lying and don't want people to buy lamborghini aventador cuz he think it sucks, but actually,he just broke it down by is own ,I DARE U DONT TRUST HIM

  • Kanisha Lewis
    Kanisha Lewis  yesterday

    Logan Logan that's the best


    Do a bmw i8

  • Dana B
    Dana B  6 days ago

    I don’t like you!!!!

  • Carol Charles
    Carol Charles  7 days ago

    Hey can you please give me a Lamborghini black Lamborghini please dude and can you have the license plates that one Lavazza 1 Logan Circle 111 Secor thank you I'm a big fan and I love you so much too I just need one I subscribe to your videos everyday

  • Dallas Warren
    Dallas Warren  7 days ago

    Logans not wrong

  • Jerry Pierce
    Jerry Pierce  7 days ago

    I agree

  • MegaMan
    MegaMan  7 days ago

    Ping me if you want to sell that POS!!

  • Teresa Waller
    Teresa Waller  7 days ago

    That's messed up

  • Hrbdndjd Snsnbs
    Hrbdndjd Snsnbs  14 days ago

    Yeah you are stupid if you did your research you would know YOU DONT BUY THE AVENTADOR TO DAILY DRIVE it drive like crap but that is not the point of the car that is what the Huracan is for

  • Dunos55 Gaming
    Dunos55 Gaming  14 days ago +1

    Yo mama so lazy that

  • Rae Bieber
    Rae Bieber  14 days ago

    why don,t you destroy it

  • Rebecca Baugh
    Rebecca Baugh  14 days ago

    Get a Acura nsx

  • lonewolfmax 24
    lonewolfmax 24  14 days ago

    the aventador is an aero car meant to stay stuck to the ground while offering beutiful handling and stability, what people dont see is that all of the amenities like air conditioning and heating for example is cheap due to all of the budget for manufacturing the cars goes to the engine tires and active aero

  • Ghost Ridicule
    Ghost Ridicule  14 days ago

    let me explain something very fucking simple

    this is a high-performance track based model to be used on on a race track. the hurracan is a high-end sports car meant to be more convenient than the aventador. No one in the car community gives two shits if you have a high-end performance car that achieves 600 to 700 horsepower we have modified 90’s Japanese sports that can possibly achieve 2000 horsepower

    Do not buy one of these cars to show off

    Do not buy one of these cars if you know jack crap about the mechanics of a car because mechanics will scam you out of parts you don’t need, you must maintain this car yourself.

    Do not buy one of these cars to not drive fast in them, because that’s what they’re for.

    Do not buy one of these cars especially thinking it’ll be a wonderful ride across the rainbow.

    Do not buy one of these cars if you have not driven a car.

    The aventador has a 6.5L V12 the hurracan has a 5.2L V10 and the aventador is lighter so you don’t know how to drive the car and utilise the performance

    Your point is invalid, you know nothing about cars and do not maintain it.

  • Davian McDonald
    Davian McDonald  14 days ago

    Go full speed then you wont be talkin

  • Davian McDonald
    Davian McDonald  14 days ago

    Your dumb its proved 3rd fastest car in the world

  • Cynical Boi
    Cynical Boi  14 days ago

    The car drives like a tractor because your probably on strada mode which means that it will always go slow. If you wanted to go fast you could’ve changed it to sport.

  • Modern Blueberry
    Modern Blueberry  21 days ago

    They are scissor doors and I think McLaren put the patent on the doors that go out before Lamborghini

  • Modern Blueberry
    Modern Blueberry  21 days ago

    I also hate the event is out of design but is driving capabilities should be similar to the Murcielago as that is if you ever drove one.