The Lamborghini Aventador is the WORST car to own.. (The truth)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Here's why the Aventador is the worst car on the planet. It's problems after problems. We're actually saying the truth unlike other videos about this car. Even without all the problems and breaking down the car does it's still bad because the single clutch makes the car feel clunky when you drive it. Kind of like when you're playing a game and it lags, that's how it feel when you drive and press the gas.
    Don't buy the Aventador. Learn from our mistake!

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  • Roger Diking
    Roger Diking  41 minutes ago

    Blizzard died in the lambo look at how she lies there

  • upnsmoke hookahian
    upnsmoke hookahian  52 minutes ago

    you just bought a flood damage lambo from miami its a lemon now time to get your money back

  • Roger Diking
    Roger Diking  54 minutes ago

    That's not a Lamborghini that's a shamborghini

  • Felip p
    Felip p  3 hours ago

    You bought a USED Lamborghini.
    I get it, but you deserve it.

  • Zennep22
    Zennep22  4 hours ago

    This guys doesn’t deserve this fucking car disgraced piece of shit!

    6,796,819 views  4 hours ago

    Get a Tesla roadster is basically a eco sports car

  • Boss
    Boss  5 hours ago

    Who is this guy and why does he have 1.4 mil followers

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen  5 hours ago

    this kids a retard.

  • Tom Federico
    Tom Federico  5 hours ago

    Cool, ill give u 10 grand for it...

  • bussles
    bussles  5 hours ago

    I think what he meant to say, is that his lamborgini is a piece of shit....

  • Gear Zen
    Gear Zen  6 hours ago

    I'll take it to the crusher for you. When shall I pick it up? Seriously stop dealing with that POS!

  • Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd

    This kid is an idiot. Knows nothing about cars. More money than brains. He bought a used rat bagged lemon and bitches that there’s no cup holders and Bluetooth? Lol.

  • jack guns
    jack guns  6 hours ago

    I have a lambo I am 28 and it runs the best

  • jack guns
    jack guns  6 hours ago

    Fuck you chilly

  • Jake Socks
    Jake Socks  7 hours ago

    i was in the middle of typing my comment at 7:40 and all a sudden u go to the ZL1 when i was about to say get rid of that pos and get a camaro like the neighbor lmao.. that thing will out last that lambo any day

  • Tayten Ford
    Tayten Ford  7 hours ago

    You can not drive. I'd at you is bad you buy a fact car

  • Cory Playz
    Cory Playz  7 hours ago

    ill give u a 99999999999 millon cash if u give me that lambo

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto  7 hours ago

    When you have too much money but don't know what to spend your money on.... you buy unnecessary junk. You'd be good with a Lexus or Cadillac. Drive in Comfort and Luxury...

  • Kamil Gaming
    Kamil Gaming  8 hours ago

    Logan the car is used

  • Puma De Aur
    Puma De Aur  10 hours ago

    Get another fucking Huracan just like your girlfriends one.