Terminator: Dark Fate Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • Despite Sarah Connor's previous attempts and sacrifices, humanity's fate is once again at stake - and with it the future of the franchise itself - in Terminator: Dark Fate. Tim Miller's film deftly builds upon what worked in the first two James Cameron-helmed entities while bringing in a new host of characters and circumstances to challenge the course of humankind. While there's definitely some frantic leap-frogging involved in terms of accepting why some characters have evolved the way they did, Terminator: Dark Fate ultimately succeeds in serving as both a suitable closing chapter for the original two films and a possible gateway to exciting new chapters ahead.


  • Kosteri x
    Kosteri x  an hour ago

    overly positive. By not watching you won't miss anything. Stop watching after T2, you'll be fine.

  • Liam Walker
    Liam Walker  3 hours ago

    i give this a 1

  • Haji Johnson
    Haji Johnson  4 hours ago

    The Video Game :Dawn of Fate, is what's left that can save the movie franchise. Base the story between Coronal Perry, Kyle Reese, Luna, Resistance Og Leader John Connor, fighting the machines and also the lingering threat of the trader Stone & the Android threat..

  • Kaneda Lionheart
    Kaneda Lionheart  5 hours ago

    That review... "Great", sure IGN... sure.

  • Philp Ttofari
    Philp Ttofari  18 hours ago

    I have come back from the future, to tell you it flopped, a big steaming turd.

  • redfeng007
    redfeng007  2 days ago

    It is better to continue Genesis storyline than to redo all over.

    Box office just say it why.

  • Yaritza Irizarry
    Yaritza Irizarry  2 days ago

    I appreciate your review of Terminator Dark Fate. This movie did bring closure to the first two and in a way combined the others with the rev9, augmented human and the importance of Sarah Connor staying alive. It is a great movie that shows that some things just can't be changed. They have to happen. I can't believe the hate this film is getting because of the revenue. If half of California wasn't on fire I'm sure they meet and exceed their marks.

  • Derrell Harris
    Derrell Harris  3 days ago +1

    WTF are you watching 0/10

  • HL
    HL  4 days ago

    It’s dope..let the pass be the pass..we all know T2 is the best..😁

  • Icecream Killer
    Icecream Killer  4 days ago

    I love this movie..specially action! so exciting

  • David Smith
    David Smith  4 days ago

    Go girl power... Flop!

  • M4RollingRaces
    M4RollingRaces  5 days ago

    Of course this is the best Terminator film since T2. T3 was garbage, Salvation was garbage, Genesis was TERRIBLE, Dark Fate was somewhat watchable.

  • zackychan financial

    How did arnold come back since he died in T2. whats the story behind that

  • Warren London
    Warren London  5 days ago

    That score was WAY TOO GENEROUS

    STARBLAST IO  5 days ago

    It was a great movie. Thanks for sharing it to us

  • RotaryEthan15
    RotaryEthan15  6 days ago

    I actually agree with IGN this time

  • Gavin Beard
    Gavin Beard  6 days ago +1

    Here we are two weeks later and the movie failed badly

  • Not Bad lad
    Not Bad lad  6 days ago

    This film is the definition of go woke go broke

  • FuzzyLegs
    FuzzyLegs  7 days ago

    What the f**kery?

  • Stranger Thingsss
    Stranger Thingsss  7 days ago +2

    Yeah I tuned out as soon as you said this succeeded. Epic fail.