I'm being FORCED to RETURN the Pizza Car and NEED YOUR HELP

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 17, 2018
  • GoFundMe Donations have been turned off and all donations have been refunded, see update video here:

    Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/

    *I am NOT Endorsed nor Affiliated with Domino's in any fashion.*


  • J G
    J G  2 days ago

    Just give it back

  • Machine Cactus Industries

    Wreck it into a pizza hut

  • William Hinshaw
    William Hinshaw  7 days ago

    I wouldn't buy any more pizzas from dominoes,...oh wait, I haven't bought anything from Dominoes for the past 15 years.
    They're just the low priced junk pie selling volume, not quality.

    XoXoDEADPOOLoXoX  14 days ago

    They have more money then you and can keep this in court for years till you cant pay anymore. Take the money and run

  • Santa Hansen
    Santa Hansen  14 days ago

    The difference I guess is that you fix a crashed car and the other guy eat they're pizza. If they will buy it back set a ridiculous high price and don't sell the car for under that price

  • Jack McDonald
    Jack McDonald  14 days ago +1

    It is YOUR car. Who cares what logo is on it? You bought the car legally from a salvage auction, YOU put in all the hard work, money and effort into the car to fix it. It is YOUR car, don't let anyone else take it from you!

  • Cody
    Cody  21 days ago

    Put full coverage on it,then go drive it in the middle of nowhere burn it,report it stolen collect the insurance money,and call the pizza company and tell them there car is at the junkyard go get it

  • Blue Jedi
    Blue Jedi  21 days ago +1

    any update on this? did they party drop their claim or something?

  • gary oates
    gary oates  21 days ago

    take off the dominoes sign and tell them to FUCK OFF !!!!!

  • Turquoise Yt
    Turquoise Yt  a months ago


    EPIC FAILS  a months ago

    You don't worry Sam

    EPIC FAILS  a months ago

    Im ready to help

  • •Su shi•
    •Su shi•  a months ago

    Ok doninoes im nit ordering from you til you leave this man alone weird

  • Hliðskjálf
    Hliðskjálf  a months ago

    I worked for the location that crashed this DXP. iirc the car was supposed to be demolished but instead was auctioned off lol

  • HipsterDoofus100
    HipsterDoofus100  a months ago

    "I didn't know that you can force someone to sell one of their possessions" Listen up Beto you freak

  • Kobi Benlevi
    Kobi Benlevi  a months ago

    Reach out to Louis Rossmann. Please.

  • Johnnell Liftee
    Johnnell Liftee  a months ago

    They literally want their trash back. They are being bullies.

  • carson TOUGHEY
    carson TOUGHEY  a months ago

    Wtf this is so messed up as soon as he fixes there car they want it back?

  • Robert Mattison
    Robert Mattison  a months ago

    This is America and you are right. And if I was on a jury I would vote for you. This is a Classic Vehicle and fall under the Classic Vehicle law.

  • Justin C
    Justin C  a months ago

    I would tell them the price is 1,00,000 and there's no way their getting back unless legally forced to do so or they pay. Screw that nonsense