I'm being FORCED to RETURN the Pizza Car and NEED YOUR HELP

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 17, 2018
  • GoFundMe Donations have been turned off and all donations have been refunded, see update video here:https://youtu.be/eSCMtpNCAgsEmail Me: [email protected]: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/*I am NOT Endorsed nor Affiliated with Domino's in any fashion.*


  • Charles N
    Charles N  a years ago +5606

    You bought the car. You have the title. It's your car period.

  • Danny Piper
    Danny Piper  14 days ago +894

    if the "Pizza Company" was so worried about their trademark they should have deidentified it before selling it.

  • Fluraux
    Fluraux  7 days ago +644

    Man : legally buys a car
    Domino Pizza : hippity hoppity your legally bought car is now my property

  • 32dsmitty
    32dsmitty  14 days ago +551

    Bro keep the car. You haven't done anything wrong . all it is because you fixed a car that they total out madr it look better than the day they purchased. Now they want it back like a spoil child. F that. Keep your legally purchased vehicle.

  • Jay Bivins
    Jay Bivins  14 days ago +618

    "I need your help!"
    YouTube: 2016? Nah
    YouTube: 2019? Now that's what I call relevant!

  • devil gamer
    devil gamer  14 days ago +215

    They want the car back because you fixed it and they think they can get it back for free because of the way you obtained it

  • Trevor Sanders
    Trevor Sanders  14 days ago +111

    YouTube Algorithm a year later:
    I gotchu fam

  • Critical Hit
    Critical Hit  14 days ago +174

    Yeah, I don't know you, you just kind of popped up in my feed, but I got your back man. This is messed up.

  • ViciouZTrickster
    ViciouZTrickster  7 days ago +37

    If they force you and you have no option but to give it to them, wreck the car. Go into a junkyard and have them flatten it, and tell the company to come pick it up at the junkyard.

  • NitePremium
    NitePremium  21 days ago +2299

    Chevy should sue dominos for putting their logo on THEIR car

  • Dystro
    Dystro  14 days ago +162

    don't sign anything that sounds fish. they cannot force you to sign something

  • codiene
    codiene  yesterday +4

    The company legally threw that car away without striping it first.

  • Teraphim
    Teraphim  14 days ago +38

    Kinda sad I ordered Dominoes last night, they can forget future orders for now.

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer  yesterday +3

    What if you
    wanted to legally buy and own a car
    but then [REDACTED] said
    "oh hell nah, that's mine bruh"

  • Ian Lachowski
    Ian Lachowski  14 days ago +1712

    Take the petty route,
    Repaint it with a Pizza Hut design!!
    You might have a chance to be sponsored!!

  • Express crew
    Express crew  14 days ago +57

    Dominos sounds like someone that should be on r/entitledparents
    mY coMpANy dEServEs THiS CaR.
    "Give me your car you put months of painstaking work into for cheap! WE DESERVE IT."
    "Fine, I'll just taaaaaaaake ittttttt"

  • Addrick Stich
    Addrick Stich  14 days ago +75

    You bought it legally, You didn't start the video saying HI I'm your local Domino's employee working on my work car cause this shoddy ass company can't even fix it themselves ;D Nah bud you're in the right.

  • China shorts
    China shorts  14 days ago +69

    They don't have a legal standing for their request, but you'll need a lawyer to fight them off.

  • Mike Forehead
    Mike Forehead  yesterday +1

    This guy needs another leg (his choice where it goes on his body).

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen  a years ago +701

    If they didn't want people getting their cars, they shouldn't have sent it to a public auction like copart. Simple as that.