Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT Part 13

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 6, 2018
  • We have a slight change of plans for this build! We think this is the best choice since have made it this far. This 2017 Mustang GT is going to look fresh and clean. I can't wait to show you guys the finished product! Thanks for watching!!!


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    Music: (Ikson-Harmony 16:37- 17:27)


  • Fred Garvin  (Jul 6, 2018))

    I just binged all 12 episodes and I'm impressed at the detail you went to to make this car perfect. Subscribed! Oh, Thomas is one cool cat.

  • Unsuboi  (Oct 19, 2018))

    I just did the exact same thing

  • KOSx15  (Jul 6, 2018))

    No stripes ... please lol

  • Stuart Watson1234  (Jul 6, 2018))

    No plz don’t put stripes on it plz it would look so much better without

  • Daniel Tamuno  (Jul 6, 2018))

    Daily dose of Thomas 👌

  • CarPro Installs  (Jul 6, 2018))

    Best repair work ever,no one ever goes to repaint entire car and attention to detail like you.

  • Junkerbunker  (Jul 14, 2018))

    CarPro Installs well, painting original oe paint ruins the car. Unless the car is stripped to a shell with no trims, glass, rubbers, interiors, it will never look as good as factory. Also, that kindof paintjob is 10k... I didn't even blend the paint on my car, just got a digital color reading and paint for new parts. You'd never be able to tell it they were replaced. Oe paint is from 1999, and mint, which is the whole value in the car

  • CarPro Installs  (Jul 6, 2018))

    Ryan D yes and multiple cars.

  • Agungadea  (Jul 6, 2018))

    Thomas is the best part when he shows up at random ass times

  • The BlackMasks  (Jul 6, 2018))

    No stripes and what’s the song in vid near the end pls

  • The BlackMasks  (Jul 7, 2018))

    amine _ thx

  • amine _  (Jul 7, 2018))

    Light - KV

  • Christian Delgado  (Jul 6, 2018))

    Hold traction control for about 20 sec that turns off advanced traction !!!

  • HJZ75driver  (Aug 18, 2018))

    Line lock however.

  • Mr. TAMW  (Jul 7, 2018))

    Never knew that

  • stang life  (Jul 6, 2018))

    How much you spend on the car ?

  • stang life  (Aug 1, 2018))

    goonzquad is it later yet

  • Yander Carrazana  (Jul 7, 2018))

    david rodgers thats what they do, restore cars and make youtube videos, 2 nice income at once

  • fortis619  (Jul 6, 2018))

    No stripes ,these aren’t the 90s lol

  • Doc Man99  (Jul 31, 2018))

    'I just wanna do a burn out' Hahaha Playa!

  • Steel-City-Lad  (Jul 12, 2018))

    Not a fan of stripes