Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT Part 13

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 6, 2018
  • We have a slight change of plans for this build! We think this is the best choice since have made it this far. This 2017 Mustang GT is going to look fresh and clean. I can't wait to show you guys the finished product! Thanks for watching!!!-T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: [email protected]: (Ikson-Harmony 16:37- 17:27)


  • Stuart Watson1234
    Stuart Watson1234  a years ago +164

    No plz don’t put stripes on it plz it would look so much better without

  • KOSx15
    KOSx15  a years ago +113

    No stripes ... please lol

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin  a years ago +117

    I just binged all 12 episodes and I'm impressed at the detail you went to to make this car perfect. Subscribed!
    Oh, Thomas is one cool cat.

  • Alonso86
    Alonso86  a years ago +60

    No stripes.

  • NvR Pike
    NvR Pike  a years ago +116

    here for thomas, stayed for the mustang

  • The BlackMasks
    The BlackMasks  a years ago +73

    No stripes and what’s the song in vid near the end pls

  • Daniel Tamuno
    Daniel Tamuno  a years ago +39

    Daily dose of Thomas 👌

  • Strohmmie
    Strohmmie  a years ago +18

    Thomas is the best part when he shows up at random ass times

  • Christian Delgado
    Christian Delgado  a years ago +66

    Hold traction control for about 20 sec that turns off advanced traction !!!

  • Dylan Phillips
    Dylan Phillips  a years ago +23

    My favorite part of this channel is the friendship!

    TRILHOS CDTM  a years ago +23

    Thomas RULEZ!!!

  • murry001
    murry001  a years ago +20

    I'm glad you guys a looking to rent the paint booth, will come up MUCH better that way

  • Nathan Hirth
    Nathan Hirth  a years ago +24

    Why doesn't anyone like stripes? My dream is the shelby gt500. Lightning blue with white stripes. Please do em🤞
    Edit: only do them if you bring them on the roof (keep the roof blue) and to the trunk.

  • Stephen
    Stephen  a years ago +126

    I don't understand how you only have 158k sub's... This channel is freaking amazing.

  • Kristoph109
    Kristoph109  a years ago +6

    I'm a little worried for Thomas, he sleeps in such dangerous spots :( they could reverse one day and no more Thomas :(

  • D M
    D M  a years ago +6

    Love how he knocks on things when looking at it. Dude is like a 50 year old man from the 1950's who kicks the tires to see if they are good. lulz (keep it guys you are awesome)

  • محمد عمر
    محمد عمر  a years ago +3

    Keep up your creativity very creative I love your clips follow you from Saudi Arabia❤️

  • Dylan Coon
    Dylan Coon  a years ago +33

    How much you spend on the car ?

  • Chiknalfredo
    Chiknalfredo  a years ago +41

    No stripes man. Looks better blue

  • Dennis Cisneros
    Dennis Cisneros  a years ago +3

    I always look at your numbers. And they just keep on climbing. Keep up the good work.