Aubrey Plaza - Best Moments In Talk Shows

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
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  • Paige Miller
    Paige Miller  17 hours ago

    She’s my spirit animal

  • Goofy McGooferston
    Goofy McGooferston  20 hours ago

    She’s like mysterious but also fun and full of surprises. Man I never have I ever been turned on this much. I wanna do her so bad.

  • Mark Gormley
    Mark Gormley  yesterday +1

    I bet her asshole smells sweet and awkward.

  • White owk
    White owk  yesterday

    Aubrey Plaza you make me throb

  • mugeNN ΝΝ
    mugeNN ΝΝ  yesterday


  • SpamTheManChan
    SpamTheManChan  2 days ago +3

    Awww, Andy's "Choke on that" (about Henry Heimlich) didn't seem to get noticed or appreciated. 5:45

  • janak anak
    janak anak  2 days ago

    This is the kind of person I would love to spend every minute with. Talkig in second degree. WOW

  • Anton Deckman
    Anton Deckman  2 days ago

    i love her big beautiful eyes

  • triodesrbetter
    triodesrbetter  3 days ago +1

    She's a dream soul mate because she's blatantly honest. If she wants you to go down on her she'll just say it. No beating around the bush. Literally.

  • Nicholas Flemming

    0:50 sex scene with DeNiro, fkn Gross

  • ron black
    ron black  6 days ago +1

    she is living proof that selling your soul to the devil can give you fame and money. but you can easily see she is depressed with what she lost for what she gained. some may deny this and say im being stupid but, you guys are just in denial cause you dont want to admit the truth, the world is a fucked up place and only Jesus Christ can save us.

  • We Are Many
    We Are Many  6 days ago

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

    DEVINECLUB  6 days ago

    This how you act when you are the smartest in the room..

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon  6 days ago

    What a flaky girl. She's not going to appear on Jeopardy anytime soon.

  • The Flayed Man
    The Flayed Man  7 days ago

    she'd produce a quart out of me. thats as much as a small milk container

  • Mario Ortiz
    Mario Ortiz  7 days ago

    Those eyes !!😎

  • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
    HeyMyLifeIsLibby  7 days ago

    She’s a deadpan freak of nature. I wanna travel the world with her and make her my wife.

  • Sam A
    Sam A  7 days ago

    She’s so fucking odd

  • progrocker2112
    progrocker2112  7 days ago

    Where does she get her ideas from?

  • Bradley Leacock
    Bradley Leacock  7 days ago

    What a strange looking broad